Flatten The Curve: Stay At Home. NOW
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Flatten The Curve: Stay At Home. NOW

To defeat coronavirus, we must do our part in flattening the curve by social distancing

Congregational prayers in Mecca and Medina and the UAE have been stopped. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, most countries are in lockdown. As of now there are 473,308 cases of coronavirus and 21,344 people have died from the virus since its spread in late January/early February. 114,787 patients have recovered (but 74,051 of those are from China). Take a look at the rise of the pandemic once it spread to the rest of the world.

Flatten The Curve: Stay At Home. NOW

Source: Worldometer

It was Italy that became the hardest hit. Experts stated that it was because the lockdown happened much too late. There are videos of Italian mayors circulating on social media, pleading everyone to stay at home. While their pleas are going viral due to their tongue-in-cheek, angry humor, it is also an important reminder why social distancing needs to be taken seriously. 

In Pakistan people were 'proudly' stating that they are gathering for prayers in congregation. In India, during the 'Janta Curfew', crowds upon crowds gathered together as if there was a festival going on. Governments have been asking citizens in both India and Pakistan (including all other states in the world which are now battling this pandemic) to practice social distancing. But eventually it falls upon the citizens to behave responsibly and understand the gravity of the situation. There are many people who had recently traveled to countries where Covid-19 was spreading rapidly but they refused to quarantine themselves. As a result they infected not one but many people. Consider the possibility of them then going and infecting other people (albeit unwittingly). 

This is what we, as citizens, must stop. The governments can only do so much.

The importance of 'staying at home' couldn't be emphasized enough. While there are individuals who cannot manage that - among them are the brave health workers who are battling this on the frontlines - there are people who have been given flexibility by religion, state and even their employers. There are so many other safety precautions presented by authorities. But some people are still choosing to 'party' their way into the pandemic, forgetting their social responsibility and the sensitivity of today's time.

I often wonder what makes people like go into a state of individuation where they completely ignore that they are part of a larger social fabric. There are either dangerous streaks of hedonism or a moronic state of apathy which makes people forget their responsibility towards their fellow human beings. At the end of it, they are only being selfish. We have to remember that we're all in this together. And the apathy of some will be the cause of the destruction of many. And if they can't think of the many, the young, the old, the vulnerable - maybe they can think of themselves. This disease isn't going to spare you because you partied really hard the other day. So stay at home. This will pass. But if you cause damage during this time, the effects of it will not.

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