Flashback: Details of Vivek Oberoi's Infamous Press Conference Against Salman Khan in 2003
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Flashback: Details of Vivek Oberoi's Infamous Press Conference Against Salman Khan in 2003

All that happened that fateful day!

Salman Khan has mellowed down now but two decades back, Salman Khan was a fiery personality. This is the fiery Salman Khan in 1998. In this video he chided the press for peeking into his personal life. The circumstances that life has made him go through has mellowed down Salman Khan quite a bit and you don't see him speaking like this now.

In 2002, Salman Khan had finally to come to terms with the fact that Aishwarya Rai had severed any tie that linked her with him. For the better part of that year, Salman struggled with the law. That same year (2003) saw him in only one film titled Tere Naam. The film turned out to be a super-hit and some critics still regard it as one of his finest performances to date. But by then, a lot had changed in Aishwarya's life as well; there was a new ‘friend’ in her life – Vivek Oberoi. Aishwarya was seen in public events with Vivek. Even though she never admitted to a relationship with him, it was public knowledge that they were dating. The press was abuzz with sightings of Vivek and Aishwarya together at various events. Vivek would smile sheepishly when asked about Ash, hinting at a relationship between them. It was clear that he was completely smitten by Aishwarya. On the other hand, Aishwarya coldly maintained that she was just a good friend to him and there's nothing more to that.

That was April 1, 2003.

Vivek Oberoi was attending another press conference when he told some journalists that there's something that he wanted to share with the media. The actor surrounded by a group of journalists a la darbar style, exploded against Salman. In that hastily convened press conference inside his hotel room, Vivek levelled allegations against Salman. He said that Salman threatened to bash him up in public and kill him. Under the full glare of the media, Vivek went on saying how Salman called him 41 times to threaten him. Vivek openly challenged Salman. The press conference which appeared like a April Fool's Day stunt soon became national news. Strangely, Salman refused to react to those insinuations and kept quiet.

Here is the video of the infamous press conference of Vivek Oberoi.

As expected, Aishwarya was not happy the way Vivek conducted himself. She started avoiding him and later indicated that she had no hand in the press conference conducted by Vivek. He later admitted on a TV show hosted by Farah Khan that the press conference adversely affected his career. Here is the clipping of the TV show.

Till date the severed relationship between Vivek and Salman hasn’t healed, with no signs of it happening anytime soon either.

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