Five Ways to Enhance Your Diwali Look with Pieces from Your Trousseau
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Five Ways to Enhance Your Diwali Look with Pieces from Your Trousseau

Diwali is around the corner and preparations are in full swing. If you’re stuck with what to wear or how to style your look, follow our guide to revamp your look for the festivities

Diwali is always one of the most-awaited events of the year and the festive season is right around the corner. It is a time for celebration, joy, spending time with the family and of course, a time to dress up to the nines and show off your festive wear. It is the time when you can take out your heirloom pieces and pair them with a classic ensemble, or team your mother’s sari with a new statement cocktail ring. It is a time when you can put your best foot forward in fusion pieces, where you can create an amalgamation of old world charm with modern romanticism. Diwali is a time where you can create your own canvas and truly play around with an array of different looks and move away from the traditional ones.

We think Diwali is a time when you can experiment and use versatile pieces that can be functional and worn in a variety of ways to create some unconventional looks. Not only will this help you create a unique look for yourself, but it will also help you to move away from the otherwise stagnant Diwali looks that people have opted for. From experimenting with fabrics and materials, to going heavy on the jewellery and accessories, to opting for unconventional silhouettes, there’s so much that can be done to infuse excitement into your Diwali look this year. Alternatively, if you recently tied the knot, you can pull out pieces from your wedding trousseau to create an entirely new look this Diwali. Follow the below guide, and you’ll most certainly leave head turning this festive season.

1. Opt for a statement neck piece

These days, as per the trends we’ve spotted on the ramps and throughout international campaigns, less is more. Only one statement piece is required to really make you stand out and this Diwali it can be a statement neck piece or choker that you may have worn for one of your wedding events.

The statement neck piece can be paired with a plain silk sari (also from your trousseau) and a pair of simple earrings. Alternatively, you can opt for more statement earrings and let them compliment your look. Opt for costume jewellery with big stones and chunky adornments and we promise you that’s all you’ll need to up your style quotient this Diwali.

2.  Wear your most precious silk sari

There’s nothing that brings out old world charm like a classic silk sari and you’ll definitely have one in your trousseau. Opt for a pastel colour with gold accents and trimmings or one that is adorned with delicate threadwork or gotta. With a simple sari, it allows you the room to play around with your accessories and enhance your look with a statement piece or two.

With a classic sari, opt for a sleek hairdo so you can enjoy the day’s festivities without the hassle of worrying about your hair as well as your sari.

3.      Pull out your mother’s old dupatta

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The moment I realised I’m getting married, I knew I wanted to wear my Amma’s nikkah jora. I have always been drawn to old world charm and the nazakat of bridal joras back in the day. There is also a certain emotional attachment that comes with wearing you mother’s jora. Maheen Shah helped me alter it exactly the way I wanted it, preserving its delicacy and purity but also creating something that looks good on me. Having worn it, I can say it was easily the best decision I made. I also did my own hair and makeup because I wanted to keep it simple and minimal. Your wedding day is supposed to be a happy day that you can truly enjoy. It’s okay if you don’t to wear the heaviest jewellery and would rather keep it a little light. Your comfort and happiness is the most important thing!

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Your mother would have passed down one of her favourite pieces to you before your wedding and if it was one of her old pretty dupattas, then you’re in luck. There’s so much you can do with an old dupatta and we’re about to tell you how. If your dupatta is a neutral shade then it can be paired with an outfit of a similar colour and enhanced with some delicately encrusted khussas and antique jewels. If the dupatta happens to be a bright colour then it can be used to add a pop of colour to your look and teamed with an outfit of a contrasting colour. Play around with your hair and makeup and revamp the old dupatta within minutes.

4. An evening clutch

For all your Diwali festivities, you’ll need a clutch to keep all the essentials you may need throughout the festivities or even use it as an accessory to enhance your look. You’ll definitely have one in your trousseau so now may be a good time to bring it out and use it to complete your look.If you have a fully embellished one or one encrusted with rhinestones or beads, it can be used in place of heavy jewellery to enhance your look. You’ll need to touch up your lipstick or quickly catch a glimpse of your face throughout the day so your clutch is ideal to carry your lipstick and pocket-sized mirror in.

5. Take out your expensive beauty product

What better occasion to take out and use your most expensive beauty products than on Diwali. You’ll want to look and feels special and get glammed up for the occasion so it’s time to dig deep into your trousseau and take out those special beauty products for the festive season. You may have that special lipstick that you only use on special occasions or that special scent that is just too special to use on a daily basis. Well now is the time to take those products out and put them to good use and look your very best this festive season.

With Diwali fast approaching, the festive season is already in full swing. Preparations are in full swing and excitement is in the air. Everyone is looking forward to celebrating and spending time with their families, dressing up to the nines and eating good food. Happy Diwali from team Masala to all those celebrating!

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