Five Times Saba Qamar Proved to be a Flawless Actress
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Five Times Saba Qamar Proved to be a Flawless Actress

Saba Qamar is a great actress, an incredibly good looking young woman and has a devil-may-care attitude that is very refreshing

Saba Qamar is a leading lady in Pakistani film and drama industry. She has done a variety of roles on the big and the small screen but here are five times that Saba Qamar truly proved that she was a flawless actress.

1. Sangat

Saba starred as Ayesha, a rape victim who had to hide the fact that the daughter she and her husband (Mikaal Zulfikaar) had had was the result of the rape at the hands of Shavez (Zahid Ahmed). While the show was extremely controversial, Saba’s performance was praised throughout.

2. Cheekh

In this recent courtroom show, Saba plays ‘Mannat’, a young woman fighting for justice for her murdered friend. The television show depicts Mannat as a strong, empowered, unflinching protagonist and Saba plays it to perfection.

3. Maat

Saba Qamar also starred in this television show in which she played a spoilt, bratty, conniving sister to Aaminah Sheikh. It was a difficult and complicated role to which Saba did justice.

4. Baaghi

Saba played the slain social media star ‘Qandeel Baloch’ in this semi-biopic drama that told the story of Qandeel’s journey. Saba’s performance earned her critical acclaim and most people appreciated her bravery for choosing to essay the role of Qandeel.

5. Hindi Medium

In this Bollywood film, Saba appeared opposite Irrfan Khan and earned a Masala! Award for a breakthrough performance in the film. She played Mita, a young mum based in Delhi who is obsessed with trying to get her child admitted in a high-ranking English medium school. Saba’s performance was praised in the film as well.

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