Fitoor Director Abhishek Kapoor Reveals Why Veteran Actress Rekha Walked Out of the Project
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Fitoor Director Abhishek Kapoor Reveals Why Veteran Actress Rekha Walked Out of the Project

The character’s resemblance to her own life could have made the actress uncomfortable....

With Abhishek Kapoor’s Fitoor releasing shortly, the director and his cast has been in the news recently. The film was also mired in controversy after veteran actress Rekha walked out of the project. While the media speculated on the reasons behind Rekha’s exit, there were whispers that the senior actress wasn’t too thrilled playing a much older role opposite a younger Katrina Kaif.

Finally, Tabu was roped in and asked to play the said role. The director has maintained silence over this uncomfortable topic for quite some time, but opened up to us to clear the air once and for all in an article in Bollywood Life. When asked about Rekha’s sudden exit he said, “You know sometimes, there is a part… I mean all these characters in the film are complex and theoretically people can agree but in the execution of the implementation of it they could be something that we don’t see… they are not on the same page. So it is better to diagnose that earlier than to go ahead with it. And we understood that and we chose to agree to disagree. And we just shot 2-3 days with Rekha ji and we understood that this might not be the right film for us to collaborate on. And fortunately for me Tabu was not shooting and she was free and she had really loved the part so she came on board. And I think we made a smooth transition for it and you know I think things like this happen but nothing is more important than the film, it’s not about me or anybody else.”

However, some sources claim that the uncanny resemblance to her own life story was precisely why Rekha chose to walk out of the film when it was on the verge of completion. A source reveals in an article in Mid Day, “The character of Begum is akin to what Rekha is in real life. When she realised that, she found it difficult and uncomfortable to play herself and opted out of the film. The similarities between Begum's character and Rekha will be quite evident in the film's first look. Begum has been depicted as a heartbreaker and a seductress, which are synonymous with Rekha who remains an enigma.”

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