Sonu Sood's Fitness Secrets

Sonu Sood's Fitness Secrets

Here are few tips by Sonu Sood to stay fit and healthy

SONU’s five tips to stay physically fit:

Eat proportionately
I personally don’t believe in following any set diet plans. I believe in proportionate eating and eat six times a day. I basically break up my meals into small and healthy ones that keep me going throughout the day. If I’m hungry for a midnight snack I have a bowl of fruit or rustle up some egg whites.

Don’t focus on one exercise
Do not focus on just one or a few main sections of your body whilst exercising. Nowadays, the youth like to build six-pack or eight-pack abs or have well toned biceps. But my suggestion is, enrol in a good gym and focus on your entire body.

Be careful!
One should be careful while at the gym to avoid injuries. It’s always better to do your exercises with the help of a professional trainer. I have been training since my college days in Nagpur when Bollywood wasn’t even on the horizon for me.

Avoid fatty foods
The three types of food I try to avoid are fried foods, oily dishes and calorific junk food. But I can’t be finicky while working and do eat the food made on set. But I try and tell them to add less oil and use salt.

Don’t Cheat
Stay disciplined and dedicated. You cannot achieve a great physique overnight. If you miss a day or two, you are cheating yourself, no one else. If I am busy shooting or travelling, I try and take some time out during the day or at the end of the day and do 200 to 250 push-ups.

Do your thing
The ideal way to rejuvenate is different for every individual. Some like watching movies whilst some enjoy listening to music or exercising. It’s important to do something you enjoy to alleviate stress. I love chilling out at home with my family and close friends. I like watching movies with my wife or playing games with my kids.

Sport vs stress
I love to play cricket. It’s the one sport that not only keeps me fit but happy too. If you are stressed about something, taking a brisk walk as it helps to clear your mind and deal with things better.

Healthy living
A healthy lifestyle is very important to staying mentally fit. I don’t party; too much partying takes a toll on one’s body. A balanced routine is very important – eat healthily and sleep for eight hours to rejuvenate your mind.

Strumming a guitar really soothes me. I think everyone should learn to play at least one musical instrument. I also enjoy listening to old Hindi music, which helps me tackle stress and helps me unwind. I’m a great fan of R.D. Burman and still listen to all his songs – they take me to my happy place!

Body and mind
If you are physically fit, you will feel good about yourself mentally as well; your confidence will automatically increase. A person with an attractive physique sends out good vibes to others as well. Our acting schedules are very hectic so being physically fit helps actors work more efficiently and enables us to give it our all when it comes to our performance.

I am vegetarian so, of course, vegetables feature prominently in my diet. My food is cooked in very little oil and also includes a lot of sprouts, cereals and lentils. Fruit is something I cannot do without, whatever its form; I love fruit salads and fruit juices. I like daal too; it can be cooked in a wide variety of ways and one of my favourites is daal fry.

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