Kalki Koechlin's Fitness Secrets

Kalki Koechlin's Fitness Secrets

Check out how Kalki Koechlin maintains her slim figure

Kalki’s five tips to stay physically fit:

Swim your way to fitness
I’m not fond of going to the gym and I don’t have a personal trainer. I swim for an hour every day; I think it’s the most balanced form of exercise. It keeps you lean without building up too much unnecessary muscle; it works on every muscle of your body.

Choose any form of exercise
We all have different personalities, likes and dislikes. Some people find going to the gym very boring. I would advise you to go and take up an exercise programme you love: it could be anything from dancing to yoga, jogging or a sport. But you should definitely incorporate some form of exercise in your daily life. Once decided, it’s also important to stick to the programme you’ve chosen!

Make workouts fun
I love sports like football and volleyball. Volleyball is a great sport; it’s easy and
fun, especially when played on the beach.It’s important to have variety in your workout routine, and I think there is no better workout routine than indulging in a sport. Playing sports is interactive, social and you don’t feel like you’re working out – it’s about having fun.

Being thin is so overrated!
It’s great having womanly curves; it sets us apart from the gents. Everyone has a different body type but we always seem to try so hard to be clones, aspiring to one shape that is deemed desirable. It’s sad that we are losing our individual identities and looks by aspiring to be reed thin.

The do-nots
Don’t eat immediately after exercise as the body stores it as fat. Don’t repeat the same exercise on a daily basis as it can strain a particular muscle. There’s no shortcut to losing weight; as a teenager I was always trying crash diets. I would starve myself for a few days before going on a beach holiday in an effort to lose quick pounds. It was always disastrous and I would actually put on pounds because I’d end up binging after three days of depriving myself.

Take it slow
Slow down your lifestyle for a week; it’s the ideal way to rejuvenate. One should take time out to connect with nature and take it easy. Bouts of fresh mountain air and sparkling spring water help me rejuvenate.

Stay in touch
In order to be mentally fit you need to adopt a proactive attitude. I like to read; it ensures I stay in touch with reality and learn about things unrelated to Bollywood. World issues are much more important than our small glamour scene. I find that smiling also helps keep me upbeat.

Let it go!
If there is a situation that is causing me stress, I ignore it for some time – just step back for a bit. I go and do something else I love, like cooking or cycling. After the brief break, I come back to tackle the situation with a clear state of mind.

Go on an adventure trip
I’m an outdoorsy person; I love sports and I’m definitely not a city girl. Whenever I am stressed I opt for an adventure trip away from the noise of the city and indulge in scuba diving or trekking. This refreshes me.

Cut short your TV time
Watching a lot of TV reduces your concentration span. This makes you lethargic or less focussed. Instead, one should read books and write; it increases your concentration levels by leaps and bounds.

Breakfast, your first meal, gives you the necessary energy boost to get you through the rest of the day. I would recommend a heavy, carbohydrate-fuelled breakfast; I love eating oats with honey and yogurt. My lunch usually consists of rice with some curry like chicken; or rajma, with chaas or yet more yoghurt. Roti, vegetables and lentils are my mainstay for dinner; and sometimes, I relish snacking on some Shrewsbury biscuits or cheese and crackers.

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