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Is this film worth a watch? Read City 1016's Lokesh Dharmani's verdict

DIRECTOR: Abhishek Dogra
STARRING: Sonam Kapoor, Rajkummar Rao, Pulkit Samrat, Varun Sharma
RATING: 2.5 Stars

Dolly Ki Doli fairly entertains in the first half but like most Hindi films suffers from an extremely underwhelming second half that it made Kiran-Kejriwal battle in Delhi look far more entertaining. Let’s dissect the first half first, which is like the trailer of the film on a loop.

There are two ways of looking at the first half.

First, I-have-left-my-brains-behind-way.

Second, I-am-so-pesudo-intellectual-that-I-will-even-intellectualise-a-film-like-Saajan-Chale-Sasural-way.

Dolly Ki Doli is a film about a plundering bride (Wow, a con woman. How maverick!). She even has a fake family to con potential grooms. (Amazing yaar, the writers have really thought it through!!) But she neither consummates her marriage nor does she even get kissed by any man she gets married to. (Bhartiya naari zindabaad!)

Now let’s just screw it intellectually. Dolly Ki Doli is about a plundering bride, who loots potential grooms, even gets married to them in grand weddings, but funnily never gets captured on anyone’s camera. Dude, we are a smart phone generation, that even documents the ‘colour’ of ‘water’ in a restaurant. To show no one taking pictures of a gorgeous bride like Dolly is a plot loophole that will make Karishma Tanna-Upen Patel love affair on Bigg Boss Oscar-worthy. Dolly gets married to a bunch of men yet never gets laid. (You see there is a thin line between sati Savitri and slutty Savitri, and we prefer our heroines to be the former!) As long as they are not kissing, they can do anything --- con innocent people, break their hearts, even loot them bankrupt and we will all find it all ‘Hahaha, so funny’. But the moment they kiss, sati becomes slutty and Savitri ain’t fun anymore!!

 Despite these gaping holes and stereotypes, the first half of the movie is well paced, fun and even funny. It’s the second half when the writers start justifying the badass Dolly that it all becomes so boring. She became a con woman because her boyfriend dumped her. Awww, that’s so sad!! And SO FRIGGING DUMB!! It reminded me of ‘My husband made me a prostitute’ video. It really is as simple in our country.

Drunk husbands=Coma=Whore-wives. Cheating Boyfriends=Looteri Dulhan.

Despite a disappointing second half, the movie packs a cocker of performances, especially by Archana Puran Singh and Varun Sharma.  

Varun-bhai-baat-maan-le-bhai- Sharma plays Manoj Singh Chadhdha, a typical Delhi boy, high on hormones and low on logic. Though he is repeating his Fukrey Choocha act yet he gets every nuance of a horny uncouth boy to the T. Archana Puran Singh does a stellar job of playing Manoj’s Punjabi mother. Her expressions, her dialogue delivery, even her slight overacting is a major source of fun and laughter in the movie.

Rajkummar-bahut-ho-gaya-serious-cinema-Rao plays the estranged lover who looks genuinely hurt and endearingly Haryanvi. It’s the Haryanvi accent that differentiates a fabulous actor like Rajkummar from an absolute amateur like Pulkit-wannabe-Salman-Khan-Samrat.   

Sonam-like-you-know-what-I-mean- Kapoor plays the titular role. She continues to showcase her awesome talent of flashing that radiant smile, those gorgeous clothes and dialogues that are screamed but never felt. I will take this moment to remind her of one of her quotes: “Loud acting is considered like…bol diya yaar, maine kar diya yaar…this is not acting, hello.” Yeah Sonam, copy THAT! If you know what I mean!

Dolly Ki Doli could have been spunkier, funkier and all things better. Watch it only for Rajkummar Rao, Varun Sharma and Archana Puran Singh.


5 stars: Loved it. (This could make to top ten movies you must watch before you die!) 
4 stars: Liked it. Recommend it. (This will help you sound intellectual and give you stuff to add at water cooler conversations.)
3 stars: Didn’t hurt. Watch it once. 
2 stars: It put me to sleep. Watch it if you are an insomniac or a newly wedded couple. Winks!
1 star: Do I even need to explain this?

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