FIR Against Aditya Pancholi for Alleged Rape. This is What His Wife Zarina Wahab Has to Say
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FIR Against Aditya Pancholi for Alleged Rape. This is What His Wife Zarina Wahab Has to Say

Aditya Pancholi is in legal trouble again. An actress he had had a relationship with years ago has come out with fresh allegations against him. Read what his wife Zarina Wahab had to say about it

A rape case has been  registered  against Aditya Pancholi. Aditya Pancholi and  his devoted wife Zarina Wahab are in  consultation with their legal team even as I write this. While the  Pancholis are restrained  from speaking, a source  close to the family reveals they will fight  it to the end.

“Nirmal (Aditya’s  real name) had an affair with  the actress. It was a relationship with no coercion or  pressure. Where did rape come in? Nirmal and his wife Zarina will fight this  to the end. They are confident they will win because  they are  convinced they ‘re in  the right. Zarina is completely  with her husband  and will support him  in court in every way possible. She knows the  truth  about her husband’s relationship with  the actress, ” says the source  close to  the couple.

Aditya Pancholi, say sources  close to him, is unfazed  by the latest setback. “He had seen  it (the rape  allegation) coming. And he was prepared. Aditya Pancholi is not anxious. In fact he is quite relaxed and  he  told a friend that as long as his  wife believes  in  him  he has  nothing  to  fear,” says a  source  in the  know.

Apparently  the couple  has ample evidence to support Aditya’s innocence. “Let her come  up with  proof  to support her allegations. We will  counter  her  allegations with enough evidence  to  prove my husband  my husband is not in the wrong,” is all Zarina Wahab will say.

Zarina Wahab had recently, in an interview, supported her husband and revealed how she coped with the stress.