Find Out the Best Way to Workout During Ramadan

Tips on how to exercise and stay healthy this summer
Find Out the Best Way to Workout During Ramadan

With the holy month of Ramadan upon us, fitness enthusiasts are putting together interesting fun ways of keeping fit throughout the month. The experts at Real Pilates have put together the ultimate guide on how to exercise during Ramadan and how to do it safely.

Most people are unaware of the plethora of health-related problems caused by falling out of a regular exercise routine. These might include, weight gain, higher stress levels, poor eating habits and it being almost impossible to get back into your regular exercise routine post Ramadan.

To combat these issues, Reza Alavi, the Founder of Real Pilates encourages people to keep up their exercise pattern: “Ramadan is an excellent time to focus and work on yourself. This Ramadan we invite you to try out Pilates if you haven’t already. Both, Pilates and Yoga are safe, low-impact classes that help you stay fit and healthy, build lean muscle and improve posture, and leave you refreshed after the class.“

Here are some expert tips on how to train safely during Ramadan:

-          Replenish your body with sufficient liquid the night before your fast to prepare it for the next day.

-          Avoid heavy weight training during fasting

-          Look out for a low impact way to stimulate your heart rate. This will ensure you still sweat minimally, thus saving the water stored in your body, while still working your muscles.

-          Focus more on indoor total body workout programs like Pilates and Yoga and team them with activities like swimming (only if you really desire outdoor exercise)

-          The best time to exercise is one hour before Iftar or after Taraweesh, but this can differ from person to person, depending on each one’s body.

-          Listen to signs and signals from your body. If you feel light headed, dizzy or sick, stop all activity and take some rest.

Real Pilates offers you a chance to get in your daily work out the safe way. This Ramadan they’re offering a 10% off on 5 sessions of either group mat or equipment classes, valid for 1 month from the date of purchase.

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