Filmistaan and Masaan, Two Underrated Bollywood Films

Filmistaan and Masaan, Two Underrated Bollywood Films

Here are some films that are still undiscovered by most of Bollywood fans
Filmistaan and Masaan, Two Underrated Bollywood Films
Still from 'Masaan' and 'Filmistaan'

While Bollywood needs to come up with better stories, there are some films that are still undiscovered by most of Bollywood fans. Films, I believe leave a huge impact on the audience and if presented in a good way, can change mindsets. Being a film student, I believe films would be my tool for making this society a better place. There are some underrated Bollywood films that had a huge impact on me, these films made me see things from a different perspective. Some films can be life-changing, and I believe the sub-continent has the power to make powerful films considering the rich culture it has.

Here are the few Bollywood films that have been life-changing for me:

1: Masaan (2015)

This movie is about 4 lives that somehow intersect along the river Ganges. A young guy from a lower caste who goes against society and falls madly in love with a woman from an upper caste family and about a father-daughter relationship that is at its lowest because the daughter was caught being sexually involved with a guy she loved, in the society where women are shamed for just existing, Devi (the daughter) did something that shook her father and he then struggles to have a good relationship with his daughter.

2: Filmistaan (2012)

This movie is about a guy who lives in Mumbai and works as an assistant director and is a Bollywood fan and aspires to be an actor someday. He goes to shoot a movie at Rajasthan with an American crew where he is kidnapped by a militant group and is taken to the other side of the border i.e Pakistan. This movie shows how the guy connects with the people of Pakistan through films and his acting. It shows how films and art knows no border or boundaries.

These are the movies that have moved me, sometimes when it is hard to describe what you feel about society, these movies help you process your thoughts and let you know what change is needed to make this society a better place to live in. “You can make a film in a way that, when the audience leaves the theater, they leave with certain answers in their head. But when you leave them with answers, you interrupt the process of thinking. If instead, you raise questions about the themes and the story, this means that the audience is on its way to start thinking” - Asghar Farhadi