Feroze Khan on PM Imran Khan: "I am one of his greatest fans"

Feroze Khan on PM Imran Khan: "I am one of his greatest fans"

Feroze Khan has opened up on being an ardent supporter of Prime Minister Imran Khan and has revealed that he is actually a huge fan of the politician
Feroze Khan on PM Imran Khan: "I am one of his greatest fans"
Feroze Khan and Imran Khan

Feroze Khan has recently revealed that he is a huge fan of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan! The actor made an appearance on a television show called Har Lamha Purjosh, where he was questioned on his political beliefs and views. Feroze then revealed how much he looks up to the politician, even going as far as saying that he wishes he could meet him face to face.

“I am one of his greatest fans and seriously I wish to meet him to appreciate his discipline,” said Feroze. The Chup Raho star added that he feels whatever Imran Khan is doing is for the advancement of the nation and he acknowledges the prime minister of Pakistan’s purpose and commitment to resolve all the issues being faced by the country.

When asked on his views regarding the state of the economy in Pakistan, Feroze again praised Imran Khan by quoting the PM's words, which were to kill cancer, one must go through chemotherapy.

“I am a Pakistani, I am earning the same way as other Pakistanis, I am paying the same bills, buying the same grocery, but I feel whatever we are going through is for greater good,” said the actor. During the fun session, when inquired as to whether he feels the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is fortunate to have a follower like Hamza Ali Abbasi, the entertainer answered affirmative.

Recently, Hamza Ali Abbasi shielded Yasir Husain and Iqra Aziz’s PDA and bolstered his argument utilizing religion but Feroze Khan called him out saying that he shouldn't bring Islam into the whole discussion. “You crack me up big time sometime! I just can’t let go of this one. Let’s not bring Islam, Allah and Rusool (SAW) into this please again please. Huge respect! Peace,” Feroze wrote replying to Hamza’s tweet. Be that as it may, he proceeded to conciliate the circumstance by saying, “On another note each to their own we are no one to judge anyone.”

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