Female fan troubles Sonu Nigam

Female fan troubles Sonu Nigam

The police had to intervene to ensure that she left the singer's house

Singer Sonu Nigam was scared out of his wits recently when a female fan camped outside his house for five days in a row and refused to budge from her spot.

According to a source, the lady had been waiting outside Sonu's residence for five days and telling everyone that she had been invited by him for a meeting. When Sonu was informed about the situation by his security guards, he confronted her and politely asked her to leave. But she shocked him by continuing to remain in the vicinity.

Finally, Sonu's wife Madhurima had to call the police to resolve the situation. And sure enough, after the cops intervened, the fan left the scene.

Sometime ago, another fan from Kolkata accompanied by her mother tried to meet Sonu under the pretext of being invited by him to his house. Even then, the singer faced a lot of trouble asking them to leave.