Fawad Khan's Latest Video with Wife Sadaf is AWW-dorable!

Fawad Khan's Latest Video with Wife Sadaf is AWW-dorable!

Fawad Khan is known to be quite a gentleman and this latest video of the star with his wife, tells you why
Fawad Khan's Latest Video with Wife Sadaf is AWW-dorable!
Fawad Khan and his wife Sadaf Khan

That Fawad Khan is an incredibly charming gentleman - onscreen and off-screen - is well known. And now a video has emerged that gives us further proof of his charm.

In the video, Fawad is seen fixing his wife Sadaf's hair. The couple was attending a family wedding and perhaps Sadaf wanted some help with her make-up and hair - just like most women do! Fawad can be spotted adjusting his wife’s hair and making sure they were parted properly.

Didn’t you just go aww? Coz I did.

It’s incredibly important for leading men to not just portray affection towards the women in their lives but to also be loving and caring towards them as they are the ones who support them in their careers. In his multiple interviews, Fawad has often spoken very lovingly about Sadaf and how he has been with her since since they were teenagers. Fawad is also leading his wife’s designer studio, Silk by Fawad Khan, and is known to be extremely supportive of her career as a fashion entreprenuer.

Another reason why it’s essential for male celebrities to show respect, affection and appreciation for women around them is also because young, impressionable men are looking to emulate them. It’s not just hairstyles or dress codes that young people follow – it’s also the behaviour, mannerisms and gestures that are copied world over. Fawad’s affection towards his wife is an excellent step in dismantling the toxic masculinity that plagues so many of our mainstream stars.

Fawad was recently in a bit of controversy about polio drops being administered to his daughter but according to his team, the child had already been vaccinated in Pakistan hence they had turned away the polio team. The actor himself was not in the country when the controversy broke. He later issued a statement saying he fully supports the Pakistani government’s polio vaccination program. He was also in in Dubai a few weeks ago where he performed at the Pakistan Super League's opening ceremony.

On the film front, his upcoming film The Legend of Maula Jatt will see him in a very violent, angry avatar.