Faux and Fabulous

Faux and Fabulous

Bourjois launches a fashionable range of false lashes and tattoos

Now more than ever, beauty accessories like skin jewellery, temporary tattoos and false lashes are taking centre stage on the fashion and beauty scene:they are THE detail that makes all the difference.For spring 2013, Bourjois is accessorising to the max with the launch of Faux & Fabulous, a range of hip and glamorous accessories: extravagant or subtle false lashes, rock or romantic temporary tattoos... You won't be able to resist these new partners in beauty.
4 styles, 4 silhouettes, with stunning make-up results:
Urban Chicfor a very natural street styleRock it Babyto create a sensation with any lookChic Mademoiselleto play with subtletiesMiss Couturefor a touch of extravagance
Faux & Fabulous - False Lashes
To give your style a boost and create captivating eyes,BourjoislaunchesFaux & Fabulous false lashes, arange of high-fashion false lashes that are easy to apply.The11 references of Faux & Fabulous false lashesbelong to a very special world of fashion.Chic or daring,Faux & Fabulous false lashesareeasyto apply and give a make-up result that is better than any mascara:volume, length and definition.

Urban Chic
A pure dose of urban chic with4 lash fringes for a natural look. Theideal range for everyday wear!Easy False Lashes: mini fringes for easy, modular volume. Place them separately on the outer corner of the eye and presto - you've got magnificent cat's eyes. Place them next to one another and give new meaning to the word "volume"!Easy to Wear Volume: half-fringes, for very natural volume. Place them on the outer corner of the eye for a very natural cat's eye result that blends naturally with your own lashes.Natural Volume: light volume and definition with a fringe of ultra-soft fibres. Its clear band creates a surprisingly natural effect.More Volume: here's to volume! With an astonishing yet natural result, it's the dream fringe for intense daily volume. Me, cheat? Never!
Rock it Baby!4 highly sophisticated references for anoutrageous rock'n'glam look.Rock Chic: an avant-garde fringe that creates daring, intense eyes with thick, separated and structured lashes for a very rock'n roll style!Volume Glam: a double fringe for XXL volume! With two layered fringes, you've never seen lashes with such boosted volume!Paint it Blue: a fringe that teams navy blue false lashes with an intense black liner-effect band. A daring little touch for rock and chic eyes.Dip-Dye: a graphic fringe with subtle tints of blue for a bold, fashion-forward make-up result.
Chic MademoiselleSubtle false lashes that dress the eyes inultra-modern elegance.Lady in Black: a mini fringe adorned with discreet black crystals. Placed on the corner of the eye, it creates a delicately sparkling cat's eye.Smoky Eyes: the "must have" fringe of theFaux & Fabulous collection!Apply for an instant smoky eye result with a liner effect! Eyes immediately look deeper with finely intertwined ultra-black lashes.

Miss CoutureHaute couture false lashes byBourjois. Sophisticated and ultra-refined, they add acouture touch to make-up.Sparkle & Glam: genuine fashion jewellery, these delicate and intricate false lashes are enhanced with a fine silver band for a high-fashion sparkling liner.Good to know:
Superior quality, hand-made false lash fringes.
Supple, silky fibres.
Lightweight false lashes. Are not heavy on the eyelid.
Easily adapt to all eye shapes. Reusable. They can be cleaned and placed back in their pack.
Faux & Fabulous TattoosA pure dose of style, each of the4 ranges of Faux & Fabulous Tattoosis directlyinspired by today's hottest trends.Featuring discreet details, messages or super trendy motifs, they arevery easy to applyand add the finishing high-fashion touch to any look.From the smallest fashion detail - a little star behind the ear, a discreet message on the wrist - to the striking necklace tattoo, you can satisfy every whim to express your personality!
Urban ChicThe street style collection with over80 fashion-forward urban motifs. With ethnic necklaces, chains, stars, cat prints, Brazilian bracelets and other urban inspirations, the most difficult part is choosing!
Rock it Baby!Unleash your inner rock star and go for glam 'rock with the Rock It Baby collection and its70 motifs: outstretched wings, guitar, lightning, stylised messages and vinyl records... adopt a rock 'n roll attitude!
Chic MademoiselleA collection for romantics. Show your sensitive side (and your fashion addiction!) with these60 poetic motifs: peacock feathers, swallow, cherry blossom, girly jewellery and other tender messages.
Miss CouturePlay it couture with the60 ultra-trendy motifsof the sophisticated Miss Couture collection. Tiger's head, hummingbird, butterflies, majestic flowers, lace and subtle messages will add a touch of enchantment to your most elegant looks. Application
Nothing could be easier!Faux & Fabulous Tattoosare applied with water.
1/ Cut out the temporary tattoo, remove the film, and place tattoo on the skin
2/ Dampen the paper with water
3/ Remove the paper
4/ Being fashionable is that easy!
These products are available at beauty counters across the UAE.

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