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Board game exclusively available in UAE and Bahrain at Ounass stores

This Ramadan, FASHION RULES! is exclusively available in the UAE and Bahrain at Ounass stores.

FASHION RULES! is a uniquely fast paced, smart board game built around the love of all things relating to fashion and style. The game tests the player's knowledge of what's happening past and present in the world of fashion, celebrity, and design.

Two to four aspiring "fashionistas" or teams race around the boardwalk collecting the coveted fashion accessories from each of the four trivia categories: DIVAS (celebrities), InPRINT (fashion magazines), GLAM (beauty, hair, make-up) and STYLE MAKERS (designers, stylists, famed fashion houses). The player to collect all the shopping bags first will march up the red carpet to answer the STRICTLY FASHIONISTA question and be crowned most fashionable of all!

FASHION RULES!, just as in life, is full of ups and downsland on a BONUS Square (Best Dressed, Diva Moment, Gift Bag, Sample Sale) and collect rewards. Land on a PENALTY square (Off the Rack, Credit Declined, Last Season, Pass) and others may move past you.

The game takes approximately 2 hours to play, perfect for a girls' night in.

FASHION RULES! was created by Margaret Maldonado, former wife of Jermaine Jackson and owner of one of the most esteemed agencies for wardrobe stylists, hair stylists, makeup artists, photographers, and up-and-coming designers on the west coast of the USA. She created the trivia style game to motivate a younger crowd to learn the history of fashion.

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