Fashion Police!

Who got it right and who got it wrong this week? We tell you..
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Fashion Police!
Dia Mirza

The Judges

Kavita Srinivasan: Masala!'s Celebrity and Lifestyle Editor
Atinirmal G. Pagarani: Managing director, Anjalee & Arjun Kapoor, Yogi Group

Dia Mirza
Kavita: Always exquisitely dressed, Dia looks unbelievable in this floor-skimming, scoop-neck pink gown.
Atinirmal: Simple and elegant. A safe bet but she could do away with the neck piece for sure. Love the smile. Simply Dia!

Natasha Poonawala
Kavita: Usually well-dressed, we're surprised to see her in clothes that make us want to put on our sunnies and cringe in a corner! Erm, No-tasha!
Atinirmal: Looks like she really wanted to use the pants before fall. The clutch and shoes completely averages the look!

Shahid Kapoor
Kavita: Ripped and rugged (and we're not talking jeans!), Shahid looks steamy. We'll forgive him for the brown-belt-black-shoes faux pas.
Atinirmal: Shahid + white shirt + blue jeans = a super classic and winning look... but a tan belt with black leather shoes? Maybe he was in a hurry!

Sheetal Mafatlal
Kavita: Somewhere in the world, a Geisha, and a gladiator are wondering why Sheetal Mafatlal has stolen and combined their styles into one odd little outfit!
Atinirmal: Love the hair! A good outfit but with the wrong shoes. What is with the black cuff? Stark and how!

Ronit Roy
Kavita: Ronit was best known for flying to the states to chase his ex-wife and then returning with a new one. Wish he'd do the same with this outfit!
Atinirmal: A grey suit and a white collar... really? He's reached the wrong corporate meet! We're buying him a new steam iron too.

Poorna Jagannathan
Kavita: As much as we love her dress, we've got to admit, we prefer what's in it!
Atinirmal: Really love the tan. Poorna is toned and how! Was this the only clutch she thought would work with this outfit?

Tanya Deol
Kavita: Love her jeans but her top seems a bit too casual for the occasion. You're not in Goa babe, you're in Mumbai!
Atinirmal: Her top may work while on the beach, but with these jeans, it is an absolute blunder. The belt is unnecessary too.

Sonali Bendre
Kavita: Leave such clothes to the likes of Shabana Azmi, Sonali. Even we don't have the intellect it takes to decipher this outfit! Hats off for trying though, we love the colour.
Atinirmal: The teal colour, hair and silhouette wins. But Sonali, the belt is too casual for the attire!

Gauhar Khan
Kavita: Repeat after us G, 'I will never do this to the world again'!
Atinirmal: Did she use leftover embroidery patches to put her dress together? And her hair extension is the wrong colour! What was Gauhar thinking before she left home?