Fashion Police!

Who got it right and who got it horribly wrong this week? We tell you...
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Fashion Police!
Rahul Khanna

The Judges
Kavita Srinivasan: Masala!'s Celebrity and Lifestyle Editor

Ceebo Shah :
Creator and Director of Blog LAST NITE IN DUBAI

Rahul Khanna
Kavita: We see too little of this dapper hottie. Love the entire look – casual and cool with a formal twist... he's definitely got it going on!

Love this perfectly tailored ensemble, especially the pin down collar and tie. Lets hope he didn't have to get his hands too dirty and there's a jacket lying around!

Soha Ali Khan

Kavita: Lemon yellow hits the spot with vintage flair! Good going Soha!

Ceebo: The lemon into ivory sari draped effortlessly and held by an embroidered strap detail is to die for. Following all the right colour cues for the season topped with a vintage B'wood do and understated earrings, all done too perfection.

Manish Malhotra

Kavita:We're huge Manish fans – perfect from top to well shod toe!

We love this style icon but the blue Hermes belt with matching blue suede shoes? We are NOT in a Karan Johar dance sequence. Rolled up jeans with a Nehru Jacket and pinstriped shirt? Sometimes there's too much of a good thing...

Zayed Khan
Kavita: We love white and adore Zayed but really, it's no wonder he's wearing shades indoors – too much of blazing white must be blinding!

Ceebo: Miami Vice called, it wants its cheesy extra back! Is Zayed playing blind with those shades, because there's no other excuse for this white on white mess.

Raveena Tandon
Kavita: Ravs may be ravishing is far from! The shoes and jeans need to GO!

Ceebo: This outfit is only acceptable for the supermarket, because apparently that's where Raveena bought those shoes! The jeans are too long and it needs to be accessorised with a clutch. A very average look for a gorgeous body and face like hers.

Sophie Chaudhary
Kavita: Sophie looks stunning in her floral print dress. Effortlessly put together, this outfit reeks of summer chic done right!

Ceebo: Unless Sophie is carrying an iPad in that clutch, it is way too big for this fun yet forgettable print dress. We give her a B+ for effort and the nude heels.

Imran Khan
Kavita: The shirt may need an iron, but Imran pulls off the grubby look with ease – when you're that cute, anything looks good!

Ceebo: This is not even homeless chic...Imran, please show us an ounce of off-duty glamour. And while your at it, donate the shoes and shirt to some scruff that really needs it.

Farah Khan Ali
Kavita: Farah needs a stylist asap. And yes, your jewellery may be fun but don't replicate weird bling on an already ugly dress!

Ceebo: Farah Khan's harlequin drop waist flapper dress makes all the wrong moves. The 20s have passed and it seems so has that face.

Laila Khan
Kavita: The less said about this brassy, shiny, strange animal get-up, the better! It's a complete top to toe fashion disaster!!

Ceebo: EEEK! From those horrible roots to the length of that dress, this is one look best left in the bedroom. I want to take that chain mail purse, and tie this endangered species away from anyone that can see it.