Fashion Police!

Who got it right and who got it horribly wrong this week? We tell you...
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Fashion Police!
Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor
Kavita: This one shoulder white number is nothing short of gorgeous on the princess of current fashion. To get this look for less, head to Iconic – they have fab choices!

Rana: I love her look but the colour is washing her beauty away. Imagine it in purple.

Sonam Kapoor

Kavita: There is more than one thing wrong with this seemingly avant garde get-up. The collared top, though quite fashionable in its own right, looks awful with the strange man-trousers and boot-like shoes.

Rana: Very simply – no no no! She is too pretty to be that plain.

Anushka Sharma
Kavita: Umm.. we are VERY confused here. What is going on exactly? We thinks Anushka may very well have borrowed a certain, ahem, guy's trousers. There's no other reason for this bizarre concoction.

Rana: A bit too plain even for me. I think she needs a bit of more bling with a belt or a knee length skirt.

Minissha Lamba
Kavita: She may not have undeclared jewellery on her but this awful excuse for a flirty dress (not to mention that awful bag) is reason enough for imprisonment.

Rana: Minissha looks cute. Although there is a bit too much happening with the dress, she is young enough to pull it off.

Rani Mukherji
Kavita: Other than her delish clutch, Rani is quite the eye sore in this strangely unflattering LBD. It looks like she fished it out of the closet of someone 5 inches taller. Dress your size!

Rana: Rani looks perfect! She is my best dressed winner but maybe she should opt for gold shoes next time.

Shraddha Kapoor
Kavita: Ummm, Love me NOT! Those hearts do lie. Pity as those hot gams could be showcased in a number of uber trendy ways! Get a stylist is our order of the day.

Rana: We are feeling the Rihanna-influenced shoulders but the stockings are too elegant – try fishnets next time.

Sushmita Sen
Kavita: What is going on with that scaly armour of fabric on her chest? Sush darling, you're a momma, don't scare those tots away, puhleeze. She may have been out of the limelight but with this bright horror of an outfit, we must say Sush has our eyes popping. Ash step aside, Sush is in the 'limelight' with armour intact indeed!

Rana: Sushmita looks like Iron Woman. I like her outfit but I think it is a bit too serious for my taste.

Sarah Jane Dias
Kavita: Black and white is usually spot-on right, but this strange wannabe Halloween get-up is an exception that proves the always-trendy monochrome rule wrong.

Rana: She should have chosen to put her hair up with a set of dangly earrings instead of a necklace.