Fashion Police!

Who got it right and who got it horribly wrong this week? We tell you...
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Fashion Police!
Malaika Arora

Malaika Arora
Kavita: Maliaka looks as good covered up as she does in a tight little dress. Keeping it classic with blue jeans and a white shirt, this hottie does no wrong.

Rue: Beautiful, statuesque girl taking absolutely no risks with her outfit. It's clean, conventional, and dare I say it, a bit boring.

Bipasha Basu

Kavita: If Bipasha wants John to eat his heart out post break-up, then she definitely is achieving just that in this delicious mini. Try and better that, Brawn Abraham!

Rue: Bipasha looks smoking hot! The colour of her dress and body-con style work beautifully with her perfect figure and dusky skin tone. Just the look to get those flashbulbs popping!

Kangna Ranaut

Kavita: Slim, fresh and sexy. Kangs looks as refreshing and delicious as a tall glass of water– a drink spiked with some fab edge in the form of those uber cool shoes.

Rue: The sheer mustard blouse is a good fashion staple this season but it's sloppily worn with the cuffs undone and hastily shoved into white pants.

Sushmita Sen
Kavita: It may look like this leggy lady is on her way to a toga party, but somehow the entire outfit works. Black and white done almost right.

Someone direct Sushmita Sen to the toga party. This dress is a tragedy in more ways than one, made worse by the lazy hair and gold shoes.

Katrina Kaif

Kavita: Ummm, Kat's achieved the impossible. The normally lithe and slender English rose looks nothing short of dumpy and pudgy in the boring monochrome get-up.

Rue: Is it just me, or is she dressed like a waitress? Monochrome is on-trend, but all she's missing is a frilly, white apron.

Sonakshi Sinha
Kavita: There is as much to hate as there is to love about this outfit. She looks slender and lovely and the hairstyle is a winner.However the belt, shoes and the print of the jumpsuit make me cringe just a bit.

Rue: Sonakshi's jumpsuit is very edgy, and while matchy-matchy accessories are super tacky, she fortunately pulls this look off with attitude.

Vidya Malvade

Kavita: If evil fairy godmothers went to a ball, then this is what they would wear. Straight out of a costume store sweetie?

Clearly, she's channelling her inner flamenco dancer. I love a maxi length, but this completely drowning her.