Fashion Pakistan Week 2014: Eximius by Adnan Pardesy

Fashion Pakistan Week 2014: Eximius by Adnan Pardesy

Homage to gota!

Trends: The humble gota got a makeover as Adnan Pardesy elevated this traditional 'quick fix' for any outfit to an elegant art form. All eyes were on the golden goddesses shimmering and sashaying down the Fashion Pakistan Week (FPW) 2014 catwalk in a collection that encompassed jackets, dresses, pants and boleros - all masterfully constructed to show off the beauty and versatility of gota. 

Using white and black basics to highlight the majesty of the gota, a timeless elegance tied the collection together, beautifully fusing a traditionally Eastern textile with Western sensibilities. Opening the collection with a striking cocktail dress that moved like liquid fire, Adnan's mastery of the new-age gota was taken to new heights with the structured jackets and tailored pants which followed. 

Adnan told us, "Traditionally gota was only used for borders but it's such a grand material and I have a passion for transforming material and presenting it in unusual ways - that's where it all started from. I experimented with different techniques and the reaction was so positive that it became the inspiration for the show today. I've always wanted to do things my way, and am excited about this collection."

The grand finale for Day 1 of FPW and showcased in front of a packed house, Adnan did not disappoint and left with guests lusting after his outfits.  

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