Fashion Pakistan Week 2014: Nomi Ansari

The Gravity collection showed off a whole new design hue
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Fashion Pakistan Week 2014: Nomi Ansari
Fashion Pakistan Week 2014: Nomi Ansari

Trends: Known as the ‘King of Colour’, Nomi Ansari deviated from his usual palette of vibrant hues and offered a surreal collection that was not only inspired by, but also paid homage to the genre of science fiction. The Gravity collection channeled retro and futuristic themes to offer a wardrobe of separates that were inventive and ultra-modern. With avant-garde silhouettes that accentuated the body into a different realm of being, there was nothing tame about the punk-rocker-meets-science-fiction vibe that permeated the collection.

Using a spectrum of textures including chiffon, jersey, mesh, leather and metal chains, Nomi created a world where wardrobes are larger than life and people don’t take themselves too seriously. Employing intricate embroidery, elaborate embellishments and stylised cuts, the collection stood out for its pairing of wearable fashion with fashion forward thinking.

“It's important to leave an impression and with this collection I decided to break from my usual colour schemes; I decided to do a construction-oriented collection that played with sci-fi and used layering and volume to compliment the avant garde with the traditional,” said Nomi said.

But is the collection truly wearable? “As an artist I create and put forth my vision and we need grandeur and theatrics. Barring a few pieces, everything else is very wearable.”

As the grand finale for the last day of Fashion Pakistan Week, expectations ran high and Nomi put on a show for all to remember. From models sporting feather can-can headdresses and miniature crowns, to flouncing down the runway waving helium balloons, the show was a spectacle to behold. Climaxing with the firing of a tinsel-cannon that engulfed models in a sea of shimmering confetti, there could have been no better way to acknowledge the culmination of Fashion Pakistan Week, than on such a celebratory high.