Fardeen Khan Takes on Body Shamers
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Fardeen Khan Takes on Body Shamers

The actor says he is happy and content

Fardeen Khan recently faced harassment on social media for his weight gain. And now the actor has hit back at bodyshamers saying that he is living the happiest chapter of his life.

Fardeen took to Facebook to post a letter to his haters. He wrote, “Not ashamed, neither shamed. Not offended. Not depressed. Not blind either. Am I happy? Emphatically! In fact, living the happiest chapter of thus far with LBS to show for it. Happy to have been the weekend’s entertainment for all you trollers.”

He further wrote, “If trolling is what makes you feel better about yourself, you have to seriously think about future prospects.”

In his post he also thanked all his fans and well-wishers for their kindness and love.

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