Fardeen Khan apologises to Pakistani fans
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Fardeen Khan apologises to Pakistani fans

He'd tweeted a joke about the match-fixing controversy

Fardeen Khan has apologised to his Pakistani fans who have been offended by a joke he posted on his Twitter page.

Following the match fixing controversy that some members of the Pakistani cricket team are allegedly involved in, Fardeen had written, "Salaam, dis is pakistan sports news channel. First we will start with the results of tomorrows match.."

There were strong reactions to that post on Fardeen's Twitter page, including, "THAT JOKE ABOUT PAKISTAN IS JUST AS LOW AS YOU ARE. LOOK INTO DETAILS BEFORE U JUDGE BUDDY."

Fardeen responded later, "To my Pakistan followers whom I have offended with my sense of humour. I at all feel I have the right to have a laugh at your teams crisis it is because not very long ago certain members of the Indian team faced a similar situation. As a fan of the sport I wished just one thing - Clean up the sport we all love so much even though we would be ashamed and our national pride hurt.

It is most unfortunate and tragic that this kind of corruption exists in this sport which is so close to all our hearts. When any team and it's fans are confronted with it we have to stand up to it and weed out all bad elements to regain our national pride I along with countless Indians have been fans of the Pakistan Cricket team for as long as I can remember and I truly hope and wish your team overcomes this crisis asap and is able to focus on what is most important - Cricket, so that all of us can be delighted once again by the spirit with which our two countries compete on the cricket field. After reading my tweets if you are still offended then please accept my sincere aplogies - Fardeen Khan"

He added later, "Have always stood up for what I believe, at the same time I also like to be understood."

Following Fardeen's response, another follower wrote, "Nice one... I m a Pakistani and not offended at all... U have a right to make fun of the current situation as we all do have.."

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