Farah Khan Clears The Air About Slamming Kanagna Ranaut

Farah Khan Clears The Air About Slamming Kanagna Ranaut

The director claims to have been misquoted!
Farah Khan Clears The Air About Slamming Kanagna Ranaut

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As we previously suspected, the Kangana Ranaut fiasco is going to take a while to subside. With everyone having their two cents to impart on the issue, there’s something new to listen to everyday.

Among all the other people who had a thing or two to say, was director Farah Khan. Following Kangana’s explosive interviews, where she revealed intimate details of her alleged relationship with Hrithik Roshan, the film fraternity has been divided in two. With some believing what the actress had to say, there were others who slammed her for using her past for publicity and to promote her upcoming film.

In lieu of the controversy, Farah Khan, who is often known to speak her mind, said, “I don’t want to take anyone’s name. I don’t want to get caught in between. But every time you are playing a woman’s card. For me feminism is equality. In such a scenario a man should put himself in a woman’s shoes and vice versa and then it becomes easy to understand each other. One should deal with such matters carefully.”

Soon after Farah’s comments, the director received a lot of flak on social media for speaking against Kangana’s revelations, in support of Hrithik. In a bid to clarify her stance, the director said to Pinkvilla, “I have been misquoted, to that girl I haven’t even said anything. I had not taken anybody’s names. Feminism I believe in. I’ve been a feminist long before the word was invented, and that I truly believe that it should be equal to both.”

She went on to say, “People are grown up enough to know what they want and frankly they are not my very close friends. Unless it’s my family member or I feel I have the conform factor to call up and say why you doing this, I don’t interfere in other people’s business.”

Now that Farah has cleared the air, we can’t wait to find out what Kangana has to say!