'Fanney Khan' Trailer Review: "It Is A Heartwarming Ode To Lata Mangeshkar"
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'Fanney Khan' Trailer Review: "It Is A Heartwarming Ode To Lata Mangeshkar"

Have you watched the Fanney Khan trailer yet?

“I couldn’t be  Mohd Rafi . But I will make you  Lata Mangeshkar,” promises papa Anil Kapoor to his overweight  screen-beti, the spontaneous and endearing debutante Pihu Sand whose dreams and aspirations are  trailed by her  father all the way to the  next reality-show.

But wait. If you think  this is a routine tearjerker about a  failed singer who wants  his daughter  to fulfil his dreams, then there is much more here to feast on. There  is  major goofed-up kidnapping where the  stunning Aishwarya Rai Bachchan playing a  singer who seems  to be  more a dancer,  is  whisked away by two inept kidnappers  played by Anil Kapoor and his  screen-ally Rajkummar Rao. The official remake of a Belgian film Everybody’s Famous,  Fanney Khan is a winsome ode to the  imperishable reputation  of  Lata Mangeshkar as  the Queen of all  things melodious. It  spotlights and contours the Nightingale’s aura with  endearing humour and warmth and gives us  a spunky 17-year old heroine who won’t be cowed down by her parents’ middleclass anxieties.

The trailer  gives us some sparkling performances  by all the actors. The narrative seens  to be spun around  the harsh glare of reality shows where  children are  constantly subjected  to scrutiny and ridicule. At one  such event an insensitive  judge is heard telling our  young heroine, “Just because your parents have  named you Lata,  you think you can sing?”

Just because Fanney Khan uses  the  names of singing legends  like Lata Mangeshkar and Mohd Rafi it doesn’t qualify for greatness. Having said that, there is a distinct warmth and  incredulity to the  presentation that  are bound to go a  long way in making this   film sparkle in a melodious rapture.

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