Eyelash Extensions!

Eyelash Extensions!

Get fuller lashes with N.Bar's amazing eyelash extensions

WHAT: Creating perfect natural-looking eyelash extensions with Laila Nazari who has worked with Bollywood glitterati, supermodels and royalty!

WHERE: N.Bar, Palm Strip Mall, Jumeirah, Tel: 04 346 1100, www.thegroomingcompany.com/nbar/index.htm.

1 hour 30minutes for a half set and 2 hours for a full set.

Dhs600 for a full set of lashes and Dhs400 for a half set (outer corner).

THE PROCESS: Laila Nazari at N.Bar offers lashes which are designed to look identical to human lashes. Like hair extensions, these eyelash extensions come in various lengths, thicknesses and colours. Your treatment begins with Laila making sure your face is free of all make-up. After a consultation, she begins by applying single synthetic hairs very meticulously to your individual eyelashes to create a fuller, longer look. These lashes differ from 'fake' or 'false' eyelashes in that they are applied one extension to one lash. Over 100 individual lashes are added to each eye. Bottom lash extensions are recommended to create full impact eyes.

THE RESULT: You will be left with a beautiful set of lush and natural lashes which don't weigh your real ones down, causing little or no damage. These last for over two weeks.

MAINTENANCE: Avoid water falling directly on your face for a few days. When taking off your make-up, be sure to do so with an oil-free make-up remover wipe for long-lasting lashes.

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