Expo 2020 Dubai to Collaborate with Gapminder Foundation and Ask Questions Based on its Global Optimism Survey

Expo 2020 Dubai to Collaborate with Gapminder Foundation and Ask Questions Based on its Global Optimism Survey

Expo 2020 Dubai commissioned a survey to track global optimism levels. Based on the results, it will be asking expo visitors a series of questions

Expo 2020 Dubai -- which will open its doors on 20th October 2020 -- is partnering with Swedish-based Gapminder Foundation to ask its visitors some important questions that will challenge their perspectives of the modern world. Gapminder provides teaching material free-of-cost in order to improve people’s factual knowledge of the world. Anna and Ola Rosling, co-founders of Gapminder, will work on this with the mega event’s organisers. This collaboration follows the results generated by a Global Optimism Outlook Survey, commissioned by Expo 2020 Dubai, which received responses from 20,000 people, between the ages of 18-64, in 23 countries (six continents). The survey was also conducted by Gapminder Foundation in collaboration with Novus and IpsosMori.

Described as the ‘world’s first index focused on tracking and driving global optimism levels through environmental and social change’, it covered topics related to technology, travel, and climate change, which are linked to Expo 2020’s three subthemes, Opportunity, Mobility, and Sustainability.

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The expo’s official website provides a synopsis of the survey findings. It says, “There’s a lot of optimism about what is yet to come and 89 percent of people surveyed feel that it is down to individuals and communities, rather than governments and huge corporations, to unlock and shape those future opportunities.”

The results have pointed to people’s desire for improved communication, knowledge-sharing and cross-border collaboration. The responses to the world’s wish list, for the future in 2050, were as follows:

  • 62% Knowledge gathering, learning and access to education 
  • 53% Free trade for all and amongst all 
  • 57% Access to resources
  • 54% Carbon free travel
  • 60% Plastic free oceans 
  • 56% Universal clean energy transportation 

The survey findings are now available on Expo 2020’s website. Meanwhile, the new project with Gapminder will be developed from now and finalised by October 2020, in partnership with participating nations. A series of questions will be posted on the Expo 2020 site and used to gather data and conduct a factual analysis of people’s understanding and perception of the world.

Ola Rosling, Chairman Gapminder Foundation, speaking about the new project, said, “The world is far more optimistic than is often felt. The Gapminder Foundation was born to allow people to be able to learn more about the world for themselves in a clear, unbiased manner. We see challenges in the world every day but this, in turn, creates opportunities.

"The magic happens when the world comes together to inspire change on a global scale, and that’s exactly the intent of Expo 2020 Dubai. Therefore, we’re truly excited to be part of this project, to help people make better informed choices that lead to positive change for the future.”

Chief Community Engagement Officer, Expo 2020 Dubai, Manal Al Bayat said, “Our collaboration is part of Expo 2020 Dubai’s aim to drive positive and lasting change where it is most needed. That change cannot begin without us knowing more about the world around us, and with those we share it. We are thrilled to have Anna and Ola Rosling with us for such an important milestone, and we look forward to further developing the project ahead of opening next year.”

Expo 2020 Dubai -- which will run for a period of six months -- will witness the participation of 192 countries and an estimated 25 million visitors from around the globe. Most of the construction work on this mega project, located in Dubai South, has already been completed and the remaining tasks and projects are underway as the event opens its doors in less than a year. UAE diplomatic missions around the world have also started to promote the event, and the opportunities it offers to participating countries, by organising ceremonies for the general public. 

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