Expo 2020 Dubai: Incredible Past World Expo Innovations That Will Blow Your Mind

Expo 2020 Dubai: Incredible Past World Expo Innovations That Will Blow Your Mind

In Expo 2020 Dubai, the world is going to witness rope-less elevators, E-bikes, and 3-D printing technology to name a few.

Expo 2020 Dubai kicks off in exactly about a year and we are already excited about what will be in store for us. With Expo 2020, Dubai will go a step further in inspiring the upcoming generation to unlock their potential and spark innovations that will underline the next 50 years of human progress, not only in the field of science and technology but also arts, culture, and geography. World Expos have been the catalyst for inspiring millions of people to push their abilities and innovate. These Fairs allow people from around the world to gape in aspiration of different cultures, inventions, new scientific and technological advances. That makes us actually intrigued by the kind of innovations that Expo Dubai 2020 is going to showcase. Let us get to know the innovations that the World Expos have come up within the preceding years.

The first-ever was held in The Crystal Palace in London’s Hyde Park in 1851, and since then, many of history’s most famous inventions have been exhibited, including the telephone in 1876, the ice cream cone in 1904 and even a humanoid robot in Nagoya in 2005.

1. Telephone (Philadelphia Expo, 1876):

Prior to World’s expo in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell, Elisha Gray had filed for the telephone patent on the same day. Bell’s victory is widely debated.

2. The Eifel Tower(Paris Expo, 1889):

Visitors paid to climb inside Lady Liberty’s giant head.The statue was later shifted from Paris to Newyork in 350 pieces.

3. The Ferris Wheel(Chicago Expo, 1893):

Engineer George Ferris Junior wanted to outdo the Eifel tower and made a debut in Chicago World Fair.

4. The X-ray Machine(Buffalo,1901):

When US president William Mckinley was shot at the 1901 pan American exposition, doctors didn’t want to use the X-ray machine as it for the fear of unknown side-effects.

5. The Icecream Cone(St- Louis World’s Fair, 1904):

Icecream made its debut in St-Louis World’s fair as the first edible,walk-away icecream container. It proved so popular among the masses that a separate ice cream cone rolling machine was developed soon afterward.

6. The Baby Incubator(The Seattle World Fair,1909):

At the 1909 World Fair in Seattle, premature babies were put on display in the newly invented Incubators. People queued for hours to see the babies and paid 25 cents for the privilege.

7. Commercial Broadcast Television(NewYork World Fair,1939):

The television might be a humble feature of every household today but it wasn’t until 1939. President Franklin D Roosevelt televised his first presidential address in World Fair Newyork City that the television set was introduced to American citizens.

8. The Mobile Phone(Osaka World Fair, 1970):

Life seems incomplete without mobile phones but not so long ago. When the first mobiles were shown in Osaka World fair in 1970, a lunar rock brought back from apollo moon missions got far more importance. Ironic Isn't it?

9. IMAX (Osaka World Fair,1970):

Japan’s World Exposition saw the premiere of the first IMAX film, Tiger Child, which came from Canada’s Fuji Group.

10. Humanoid Robots (Nagoya,2005):

Japan has been making the right moves in Artifical intelligence and Humanoid Robots were their first innovations. Since then the Humanoids have been making quite an impressive progress with innovation every day.

With innovations being at the center stage in World Expos, here we are waiting for Dubai to come with innovations that can positively change the future of the world. Back in November 2013, Dubai won the right to host Expo 2020, becoming the first country ever in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia to do so.

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