Exclusive: Vijay Deverakonda Talks About His Films, Love Life and More!

Exclusive: Vijay Deverakonda Talks About His Films, Love Life and More!

Vijay Devarakonda had a fabulous year. He not only had four releases, but he also branched into various directions. Telugu cinema’s fastest-rising star speaks to Subhash K Jha
Exclusive: Vijay Deverakonda Talks About His Films, Love Life and More!
Vijay Deverakonda

How would you describe the year that was?
I cannot complain. Lots of work, four releases, two leaked films, success, failures, playback singing, troubles and troubleshooting, launching my own clothing line, launching my own production house. I am alive.

You had four very different releases. How do you look back at the three releases? Anything that you would have done differently?
Lots of learning experiences this year. I learnt how insensitive the movie piracy business can be when my film Taxiwala was leaked months before release.  But I take the setbacks in my stride, I only look forward.

2018 has most decidedly taken your stardom to the next level. How do you intend to use the power that comes with this stardom?
I have no idea. I  don’t even know whether I am a star or that  I have any power, When I  see people on the streets smiling and waving out to me I feel special. Otherwise, I live by the day.

Which, if any, were the films in 2018 that you wished you had done?
KGF.  I haven't seen it. But its trailer blew my mind. I lost sleep for a few nights. It’s good to see regional films breaking the barriers and crashing through the glass ceiling.

There is an acute shortage of female stars in Indian cinema. Does that bother/affect you?
As long as I find a co-star for the stories I have to say, I am sorted. When I have the co-stars that my film needs the shortage doesn’t exist for me.

What should your fans expect from you in 2019?
Sit back, enjoy and watch me do my thing, whatever it is. Believe I have lots to do that has never been done before in Telugu cinema.

You recently injured yourself while shooting? do you think such mishaps while on location can be avoided? Do you think enough is done for the safety of stars?
The job is a very physical one and injuries are going to happen, we are running, dancing, fighting and jumping. Lots of precautions were taken on my set but when you are shooting so much action, stuff happens. Things cannot always be in your control. But I love bruises, I find them super cool.

Finally, the nation wants to know why is Vijay Deverakonda still single?
The nation doesn't know because Vijay Devarakonda doesn't want them to know .