Exclusive: Saboor Aly Responds to Social Media Reaction Around Viral Video
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Exclusive: Saboor Aly Responds to Social Media Reaction Around Viral Video

Saboor Ali chatted exclusively with Masala! about the viral video that has been making rounds. Read her response

Saboor Aly is a young actress who is recently in the news for her viral video where she is seen mocking a man cleaning windows on her instastory. Her colleague, model and actor Saheefa Jabbar Khattak, also joins in on the trolling. Soon after, you can see her television co-actor Affan Waheed was seen smiling and defending the man cleaning the windows. Saboor is the sister of tv and film star Sajal Aly who was seen in the film Mom with Sridevi and Nawazuddin Siddiqui. 

Masala! reached out to Saboor for comment and speaking exclusively to Masala! Saboor said, "I am thoroughly horrified to see the comments I have received since yesterday. The video in question was filmed purely in good humor. I understand if people have an issue with our jokes and our sense of humor but I must clarify that our assistant director, Ehsan, is very dear to us."

The man in question was the assistant director on set, Ehsan Sheikh. Saboor faced ire of the social media following the video (read some of the reactions here).

"He’s a part of our family," said the actress. "We spend more time on sets than we do at our homes, so we make sure that all of our cast and crew are working together nicely. So I must take this opportunity to clarify that I do not and would never even think of making fun of anyone like this. How could I make fun of anyone from the working class? I AM the working class. I have worked hard and long to achieve whatever little I have achieved. I would never ever in my life actually go and make fun of someone like this – the video is completely taken out of context and misconstrued. He’s like a brother to me."

Some of the comments that Saboor received on instagram took down her sister Sajal and their mother, who passed away recently. "In the comments that have come out, people have taken shots at my sister, Sajal, and my dead mother. How does that make you feel better?" Saboor asked. "People have actually said that this shows my ‘class’. By saying this, how are you any better than the behavior you are calling out?"

A few months ago it was Mahira Khan was who was trolled on social media for smoking a cigarette. "I know that we all need to think about who we are and how we behave around the public eye but I would like to once again say that Ehsan is a dear friend and the ‘joke’ that has gone viral is simply taken out of context," Saboor stated. "Please let’s just move on and please leave my dead mother out of this."

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