Exclusive: Fawad Khan Releases THIS Picture To Prove He was Not In Pakistan

Fawad Khan’s Press Team responds to the rumours and various stories circulating about the FIR against the actor for alleged refusal of administering polio drops to his daughter
Exclusive: Fawad Khan Releases THIS Picture To Prove He was Not In Pakistan
Fawad Khan Mid Flight

In a series of unfolding events, Pakistani actor Fawad Khan was booked for refusing to allow polio vaccines to be administered to his young daughter, Elayna.

The complainants then registered an FIR that stated that Fawad’s driver had harassed and humiliated them. On a television news show, Pakistan’s focal person on the polio emergency, Babar bin Atta, stated that Fawad Khan’s wife, Sadaf, had said that their daughter was already vaccinated in the UK therefore did not need vaccination.

Masala! contacted Fawad Khan’s team and has found out the truth behind the story. And THIS is what emerged.

Apparently, Sadaf, Fawad’s wife, was not present in her home when the polio team came visiting. Upon request, Sadaf sent a picture of Elayna’s vaccination card from Hamid Latif Hospital, Lahore, where the little one had been vaccinated. This showed that Elayna was indeed vaccinated in Pakistan already and therefore did not need additional drops from the polio team.

Contrary to this, Babar bin Atta had stated that Sadaf had told him that Elayna was vaccinated in the UK.  According to Fawad’s press release,
“It has been widely reported that an FIR has been registered against Mr. Fawad Khan stating that he on the 19th of February interfered with Governmental efforts to vaccinate his daughter at his residence. Nothing could be further from the truth as neither of the parents were home at the time of visit by the Anti Polio Team. Fawad Khan has been outside Pakistan since the 13th of February where he performed at the PSL opening ceremony in Dubai and is presently in the United States. His travel history clearly demonstrates the manufactured nature of the FIR and he has just come to know of the FIR through the press.

Fawad Khan fully supports the anti-polio drive and is very well aware of the guidelines of W.H.O and CDC. The vaccination of Fawad’s daughter is up to date and the record is there to support the same is available.’

Fawad's press team released the above image to prove that he was mid-air when the controversy was unfolding in Lahore.

So not only was Fawad Khan nowhere in the picture but also his wife and kids were also allegedly not present at home. A vaccination chart made public soon after showed that his daughter’s vaccination was also complete. As per reports, this chart was shared with the Polio team through driver’s phone. However the ruckus fostered by the news reporting hasn’t gone down well with the actor whose team says, “Fawad reserves the right for appropriate legal redress including all such remedies against any damages caused by this event, should the FIR not be cancelled.”