Everything You Need To Know About 'Baahubali' Actor's Bride To Be
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Everything You Need To Know About 'Baahubali' Actor's Bride To Be

This is for all you die hard Prabhas fans out there

The star that's put all of tinsel town along with the rest of the world in a frenzy with Bahubali, is all geared up to get hitched! Prabhas had announced that he'd be off the market by the end of this year not too long ago, breaking many hearts. However, very little is known about this mystery girl, don't you think? Well, we did some digging and now present to you a few things you'd love to know about the soon-to-be leading lady of the dashing dude's life. 

First of all, she certainly has no links to the film industry, nor does her family except well Prabhas ofcourse. Speaking of family, this is another arranged marriage of a bollywood celeb this year and apparently the chosen bahu is from the inner circles of Prabhas' family. Now we have to note him and Shahid's marriage have quite a few traits in common, as this bride to be, too is much younger than Prabhas. However, while the actor finishes up the sequel to his hit debut, his girl is busy finishing off her studies to become an engineer! 

We wish them all the happiness and can't wait for their big day! 

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