Ever Tried an Indian Steakhouse During Ramadan?
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Ever Tried an Indian Steakhouse During Ramadan?

This restaurant's iftar presents Indian dishes with a huge twist paying tribute to the steakhouse tradition

It’s the last week of Ramadan and this is your week to try out some fabulous iftars that you may have missed. Now, when you talk of an Iftar meal, the general impression is that of Arabic fare with the usual dishes on display – lots of meat, a few grills, leafy salads and the like. Or it might be a multi-cuisine spread – a bit of Italian, Japanese, Indian, Arabic and so on. However, this year it looks like  Indian restaurants in Dubai have taken on the challenge of preparing an iftar with a twist.

Tresind’s Himanshu Saini and his team have brought an altogether new concept. Yes, yet another new concept by the talented chef! This time it’s all about the Indian steakhouse. Now, it might sound a bit complicated but frankly, we are still trying to figure out where the steak house fits into it. The closest it came was when we were presented with a selection of knives for the main courses after a delightful beginning (more on that later). This was followed by a meat-board with a few meat dishes (beef tikki, tandoori lamb chop, chicken kebab ) all deliciously grilled to perfection. Interesting concept, but frankly, unnecessary.

But leave the drama aside for a moment and focus on the food. So as we said, the beginning was probably the best part of the meal – creative, unique and one of a kind. The date candy with popping sugar being an example. Imagine, dates wrapped in an edible foil! The best was Crispy okra served in a yoghurt dip (an important part of an Iftar). Crunchy, perfectly spiced with the cooling delicious yoghurt to temper it. Simply yumm. You can go to this iftar for this dish alone.

Then came the aforementioned meat board of which, the beef tikki was the best. Succulent and flavorful. Among the mains (yes, the mains came next!), the bamboo biryani was delicious but the Nihari (though served attractively with the server coming to your table with a claypot full of curry) fell a bit short of expectations.  The meat was soft but not melt-in-mouth, sliding off the bone soft. Of course, blame it on our very high expectations too!

Ever Tried an Indian Steakhouse During Ramadan?

Ever Tried an Indian Steakhouse During Ramadan?

Amidst all the meat-y affair, mention must be made of the vegetarian fare served. An entirely different Vegetarian menu is available as well for the iftar. But take our word, it falls way behind the non-vegetarian delicacies. Meat wins hands down!

The final leg of the steakhouse journey  at Tresind was obviously the desserts – deconstructed baklawa and textures of mango. Both total winners, especially the fluffy, creamy and soothing mango. It’s a complete meal of course and there is a LOT of food, each dish crafted with care and a special touch. But it’s Ramadan and isn’t treating yourself to something special after a day of fasting the best way to celebrate the joy of flavours? 

INFO: Available till June 5, Dhs 175

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