Saad Haroon, Danish Ali and Salman Qureshi To Perform In Dubai

Saad Haroon, Danish Ali and Salman Qureshi To Perform In Dubai

Laugh your hearts out this Valentines in Dubai!
Date 13 February 2019
Saad Haroon, Danish Ali and Salman Qureshi To Perform In Dubai

“Once you go Brown” – is a night of comedy and improvisation bringing together some of the best regional and local talent. The show takes place on Wednesday, 13th of Feb 2019 at the Junction in Al-Serkal Avenue. Saad Haroon and Danish Ali, perhaps the top two comedians in Pakistan, along with Salman Qureshi, our local Dubai star, come together for the FIRST TIME EVER. The show promises to entertain and enthral audiences with material on romance, relationships, cricket (one day before PSL), Karma, Karama, and a whole lot more! The perfect outing this valentine with your loved one loved ones, or with yourself if you are lucky enough to be alone! 

Saad Haroon, Finalist for the funniest man in the world 2017 says, “I am thrilled to be back in Dubai for this show, the audience here is always super smart, diverse and amazingly supportive! Each performance feels like a party and everyone is invited. We have some great comedy planned and it is going to be difficult sticking to my time limit but I’ll be a good boy, Danish and Salman are brilliant and it would be a travesty to miss a second of their set…”

Danish Ali, a social media comedy phenomenon popular in Pakistan, India, Dubai, UK, and the USA says “Super excited to be performing in Dubai again! Have always had a good time on stage here. Saad and I have not performed together in years so looking forward to the reunion. I'm bringing my classic standup act so looking forward to laughing together, see you at the show!”

“The key to lifting the local arts and comedy scene, is to have a mix of international and local in the events”, says Asad Raza Khan, owner of Tall Tales Productions which is producing the show. “We could not have asked for a better mix of talent to entertain the Dubai audiences and showcase what we are doing locally to the world. These three have excellent material ready, and we can guarantee a laugh riot this valentine!” 

Salman Qureshi, who is one of the most popular figures in the local comedy scene says, “It’s always exciting when I shared the stage with either of them (Saad and Danish). Now the three of us get on stage together and the result will be epic. We work well because our sense of humour is similar and yet we bring very different things to the table.  The result is a laugh riot for our audiences. I think our brand of comedy resonates well with the audiences out here in Dubai and so I’m looking forward to a great show on valentines”

Event NameOnce You Go Brown
AddressThe Junction
LocalityAl-Serkal Avenue
Starting Price150 AED
PerformerSaad Haroon, Danish Ali and Salman Qureshi