Rhythmic Hues by Vandervin Arts

Rhythmic Hues by Vandervin Arts

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Date 10 December 2016
Rhythmic Hues by Vandervin Arts

Vandervin Arts brings you “ Rhythmic Hues” a preview of eclectic, affordable and emotionally resonant art from a selection of unforgettable artists. The work, an ode to color and character, promises to be the ideal accompaniment to anyones home and price point. Rhythmic Hues will feature work from celebrated artists Arya C. Chowdhury, with his masterful interpretation of the female form. Dilip Choudhury, showcasing his much coveted depictions of the serene  countryside. As well as , Basuki, Shampa Sircar Das, Bhukari, Mashkoor Raza and Qamar siddique to name a few. 

The Event has been carefully curated by fellow art aficionados and long time collaborators Aanchal Gulati and Naila Fancy, the proprietors of Vandervin Arts.

All of the work will be on sale at the Capital Club for a full day event.

VENUE: 5th Floor Urban Garden Lounge,Capital Club, DIFC 

TIME: 11am – 8pm

RSVP: vandervinarts@gmail.com

Contact for inquiries: 0507556042

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