Juhi Babbar and Prachi Mishra to Hold Workshop for Young Adults
  • Juhi Babbar and Prachi Mishra to Hold Workshop for Young Adults
  • Performer: Juhi Babbar and Prachi Mishra
  • 20:15h - 20:00h
  • Region: Dubai, UAE,
    Address: Fairmont The Palm
    Locallity: Palm Jumeirah

It’s summer break in schools and if you are not travelling anywhere, as a parent you might wonder how to keep the kids busy. Ensure you use this period to wean them away from the television or gaming console and enrich their personality with some educational yet fun workshops. One such event is being organised by Shock Talent Management this August.

Former Miss India Prachi Mishra and founder of Modista lifestyle exhibition Anurradha Agarwal have teamed up to organise a five-day workshop where children will be given training in various aspects of theatre followed by a fashion show on the fifth da.

The four-day theatre workshop will be held by ace theatre-person Juuhi Babbar Soni, an actor, director, writer and costume designer who is the founder of Ekjute Young Talent Company, a forum for theatre with youth and children. Daughter of the renowned Nadira Babbar, has won many awards and plaudits for her work on stage. She has also acted in various plays, feature films, short films, ad films and television shows.

The theatre workshop, held over four days for 2 hours each day, will cover important elements of theatre such as enactment, story building, body language, voice, clarity of speech and improvisation.

For the fashion show, conducted by Prachi Mishra, former beauty queen and entrepreneur, kids will be given training in ramp walk, camera poses, confidence building and ways to face stage fear.

Additionally, a ‘Chef’s Palette’ will be held where Chef Romain Van Durmen will give hands-on training in baking and making pasta. The aim: to help in team building skills and ensure the kids learn something new.

INFO: Workshop from 19 August to 22 August, Fashion show on 23 August, Fairmont the Palm, 10am to 2 pm (for 6-10 years) and 3pm to 7pm (for kids above 10)