‘Get Wit It‘ Comedy Workshop with Adnan Nalwala

‘Get Wit It‘ Comedy Workshop with Adnan Nalwala

Here's how you can get one-step closer to being a comedian
Date 31 March 2018
‘Get Wit It‘ Comedy Workshop with Adnan Nalwala

If you like to make people laugh or consider yourself to be a hoot to be around, then this one is for you!

One of India’s most loved comedians, Adnan Nalwala will be conducting a workshop in Dubai on all-that-you-need-know about being a comedian on Saturday March 31st from 4PM-6PM at the Junction. The session will centre around topics like how to engage the crowd, break the ice and the do’s and don’ts that the comedy industry demands from performers. Having performed in over 300 shows in over 15 cities across the Middle East, India and the US, the laughter specialist has left a deft touch on the comedy scene through his observational humor and impersonation skills. Also an RJ at one of the leading radio stations in Oman, Adnan has also performed alongside comedy pro, Vir Das.

But, why did he start this? “I have been conducting comedy workshops on how to use humor to engage a crowd and also break the ice for a few years now. This idea came about because quite a few people who wanted to get into standup comedy have approached me on the Do’s and Don’ts that the industry demands. Humour is a great tool for engaging people and that why It hit me that I should share my experience and knowledge with others.”

Adnan has decided to educate the aspiring comedians of Dubai. Being brought up in the Middle East, Adnan will also address the challenges that the local comedians face in furthering their careers as comedians and ways to overcome them.

INFO: 4 PM-6 PM, on Saturday March 31st, The Junction

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