Exhibition by French Photographer Boris Wilensky
  • Exhibition by French Photographer Boris Wilensky
  • 05:00h - 13:00h

This is an exhibition that will make you reflect on the state of the world and its deeper meaning. Paris-based photographer Boris Wilensky comes to the UAE for the first time with his seminal work 'Hurban Vortex'. A professional sport and hip-hop singers' photographer, Boris started taking an interest in artistic photography after some thought-evoking trips around the world. His journey to Tokyo in 2009 and 2011, in particular, was quite the game changer and gave birth to this project. 

So what is Hurban Vortex? Built around three distinct photographic series titled 'Origin', 'Collapose' and 'Post', Hurban Vortex motivates you to reflect on human beings, cities, modernity and future, through words and images. The core of the series are the themes of excessive urbanisation, loss of temporal benchmarks, environmental upheavals and the place of humans in a bruised eco-system. In the photographer's own words, this is an "urban adventure" with a "big H", mixing urbanity and humanity. The ‘Hurban Vortex’ project received the Prix du Jury Professionnel Paris Artistes 2016.

INFO: Free Entry, Until September 15, Saturday – Thursday, 9 AM – 5PM, La Galerie, Alliance Française Dubai, Oud Metha