Catch Nitinn R Miranni in Action
  • Catch Nitinn R Miranni in Action
  • Performer: Nitinn R Miranni
  • 16:00h - 19:00h
  • Region: Dubai, UAE,
    Address: Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa
    Locallity: La Mer in Jumeirah 1
Laughing at yourself is probably the toughest thing to do. But there are comedians like Nitinn R Miranni who have mastered the art. And he comes back with a special doing just that – Still Standing. This is a show where Nitinn pokes fun at every situation he has been in and put himself in but somehow managed to find a way out. So whether it’s doing a ‘royal’ joke in front of the royal family or Dubai or even impersonating a Bollywood singer in front of a guy who turned out to be the singer’s son, the show will give you a sneak peek into his life and observations.

Joining him in this adventure of laughs are two of Dubai’s best comedians TBONE and Imah Dumagay. This international women’s day, this is one laugh riot you don’t want to miss.

INFO: Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa, Friday March 8, 21 plus only, ticket – Dhs 100 (with one free drink), 21 plus only, 971 56 996 0259,