Arzoo Malhotra’s ‘Unladylike’ Returns to the City
  • Arzoo Malhotra’s ‘Unladylike’ Returns to the City
  • Performer: Arzoo Malhotra
  • 15:30h - 15:30h
  • Region: Dubai, UAE,
    Address: The Junction Theatre
    Locallity: Al Serkal Avenue

Arzoo Malhotra is one of the few female Asian comics on the scene. Sassy, bold and fun, she doesn’t hesitate to push the envelope when it comes to comedy. Last month, her Unladylike – a gig on her inability to be a proper lady and her struggles as an Indian-born American immigrant – was staged to a great response.

The good news is that it’s coming back for another round before it travels to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. So catch it over the weekend and laugh your guts out while pondering over the issues she raises.

INFO: August 2, The Junction, Al Serkal Avenue, 7.30pm,