Esha Gupta’s Interrogation Scene in One Day: Justice Delivered Has Been Censored. Here’s Why
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Esha Gupta’s Interrogation Scene in One Day: Justice Delivered Has Been Censored. Here’s Why

The Censor Board has ordered Esha Gupta’s cop interrogation act in the upcoming film, One Day: Justice Delivered, to be reduced. The film also stars actor Anupam Kher

If you want to show the problems of a particular state or city in a movie, you have to get the permission of the concerned state or city. During the battle between the censor board and the producers of Udta Punjab, all references to Punjab were asked to be removed from the film.

Now in Ashok Nanda’s gripping anti-terror drama One Day: Justice Delivered, a reference to ‘Jharkhand’ was ordered out. Explains director Ashok Nanda, “Since we were showing the Jharkhand High Court , Ranchi they asked us to either submit the NOC (no objection certificate) form them or remove the reference to Jharkhand. Since it was taking way too long for getting an NOC, and we already had changed the release date twice, we opted for removing ‘Jharkhand’. Now audiences will see just ‘Uchanyaalaya’ written on screen.”

Another sequence showing Esha Gupta who plays a cop, beating up a guy in lockup was asked by the censor board to be reduced. Says Nanda, “This is a crime accused who shoots an MMS of a honeymooning couple. That interrogation scene was reduced from 12 sec to 7 sec. Another cut was that featuring a honeymooning couple getting recorded. It was reduced from 1 minute to 38 sec.”

The censor board also objected to a woman slapping a judge. Says Nanda, “Verbally they raised a question about a female slapping the High Court judge in the court premises. But we justified the unorthodox venue and target of protest. At the end of viewing the movie they did not raise that question again.” Overall Ashok Nanda praises the running of the censor board under Prasoon Joshi’s stewardship. “He is a sensible intelligent man and he knows his job.”

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