“Enough is Enough!” Says Vidya Balan, Supporting the Bollywood Ban on Pakistani Artists

Post the Pulwama Attack, Bollywood took a stand to ban Pakistani artists and Vidya Balan comes out in support of said ban
“Enough is Enough!” Says Vidya Balan, Supporting the Bollywood Ban on Pakistani Artists
Vidya Balan

Though many Pakistani artistes are crying from rooftops about Indians banning Pakistani actors, the reaction from the Indian side seems uniform.

Many actors and stars from India who previously used to bat for Aman Ki Asha, have now strongly reacted in favour of Pakistani artistes getting banned in India.

First it was Shabana Azmi who said that she has lost faith in people-to-people contact when the Pakistani government seems to have not noticed it.

Today Vidya Balan -- previously a strong supporter of cross border art initiatives -- has supported the boycott of Pakistani artistes.

With the Hindi film industry condemning the Pulwana terror attack and not releasing films in Pakistan besides banning all Pakistani artistes from working in India, National award-winning actress Vidya Balan on Friday said a strong stand needs to be taken this time.

"Though I have always believed that art should be kept away from all boundaries and politics, I think we have to take a stand now. Enough is enough," Vidya told the media at the launch of her debut radio show.

When asked if art should be kept away from politics, Vidya said, "As an individual I believe that there is no better way to bring people together than arts, be it music, poetry, dance, theatre, cinema or any other art form. But this time I think we should just take a break from this practice and see what can be done for the future. As I said, some tough calls have to be taken at some point."