Enjoy a divine chocolate massage at Taj Spa

Enjoy a divine chocolate massage at Taj Spa

The Choco bliss treatment at Taj Spa leaves your skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated

There are massages and then are there are chocolate massages! I had always been skeptical of the much-talked chocolate massage therapies that abound these days at spas and salons. After all, how can a gooey chocolate wrap compete with the magic of essential oils or other fruit and herbal masks?

But a session at the Taj Spa for their wonderful 'Choco Bliss' treatment put all doubts at rest. I frankly did not know what to expect and decided it was best to leave the process to the therapist. All I can say is that at the end of the hour- long session, I stepped out a rejuvenated, refreshed and a completely different person.

The pampering started even before the treatment with a wonderful and welcoming ginger tea. To the accompaniment of soothing, meditative music, I first entered a sauna to prepare the body for the treatment that was to follow. The power of chocolate soon took over as I was given a chocolate wrap (a mask of pure chocolate mixed with ingredients that make it suitable for the body. It looked tempting to say the least, but it isn't edible!).

Even as the wrap began to work its magic I was given a wonderfully relaxing head massage. Almost 20-25 mins later, it was time to wash off the wrap after which a full on body massage with chocolate oil added to the heady experience.

At the end of an hour, my body felt almost petal soft and silk smooth. Who knew that delicious chocolate could have such an effect on the skin?

Here's Why You Should Try It:
Chocolate wraps are not just a passing fancy but have some wonderful effects on the body
1) Chocolate is moisturizing and softens the skin
2) It detoxifies the pores and firms up the skin
3) Just like eating a bar of chocolate gives you 'happy feeling', feeding your body with the yummy stuff increases your sense of well-being
4) Compounds like theobromine, magnesium, potassium, calcium, caffeine and ginseng, all go a long way to elevate the mood, reduce stress and stimulate the circulatory system.
5) The chocolate oil massage comes with its own set of benefits. It is known to improve microcirculation, soften the skin, moistuirise it and increase the 'feel good factor' with its aroma.

So the next time you are stressed and are in the mood for a great massage to wash your tensions away, try a dose of chocolate!

CHOCO BLISS TREATMENT: DHS 315 (for 60 mins)
TAJ SPA, Taj Palace Dubai,
Contact: 04 223 2222

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