Eminem’s Music To Be Murdered By: Here’s How Fans Reacted to the Singer’s Surprise Album

Eminem’s Music To Be Murdered By: Here’s How Fans Reacted to the Singer’s Surprise Album

Eminem’s latest track Darkness talks about the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting. His new album quickly reached the number one spot on Friday.

Eminem dropped a new album on Friday titled Music to Be Murdered By featuring 20 tracks. Its main track, Darkness, is based on gun violence and written from the perspective of the perperator of the Las Vegas mass shooting in 2017, which is considered one of the worst mass shootings in US history. In Darkness, Eminem depicts a lonely man suffering from a mental illness who carries out the shooting due to the current US gun legislation. He has reportedly recreated the audio of the gunfire and the crowd's screams in the song. Within 12 hours of its release, the album reached the number one spot on iTunes in 53 countries. Check out these Twitter reactions of Eminem fans:

Jimmy (@JimmyTSholo) tweeted, “What a way to start a Friday, another surprise album from the OG #Eminem”

IG Dagarti_Boy (@iam_bona_) wrote, “Dude is 47 and still the greatest rapper on the planet. The GOAT #Eminem”

Randall (@Lladnar95) posted, “My favorite rapper again is bringing attention to the deadly activities in this country and now it’s shootings. GUNS. We need to control this shit. I had peeped this was about the Vegas shooter when he grabbed the scope in the video. #Eminem #Darkness”

Erin (@hippymermaid) said, “Listening to Darkness in bed and I’m legit crying myself to sleep. Damn, I didn’t see that coming. #Eminem”

Joseph Sakran (@JosephSakran) wrote, “Proud of @Eminem for using his talent and platform to advocate for an #EndGunViolence in America. His new video #Darkness is hard to watch especially as a Gun Violence Survivor and Trauma Surgeon. This last minute is so powerful, and emblematic of the impact on all Americans.”

Kaveh Emami (@kaveh_winning95) tweeted, “Eminem is really just on another level. As much as I love Lil Wayne and Nas, Eminem is really the GOAT of rap. The numbers, awards and skill to back it up. #Eminem”

Daniel Roy Mackay (@DanielRoyMackay) wrote, “Who else could drop an album without warning and be number 1 in 44 counties within hours? Em is still number 1 #Eminem #ignorethehaters”

Carlosjime1170 (@Carlosjime1170) said, “#Eminem dropping albums out of nowhere is a reason to live for.”

Eric Alper (@ThatEricAlper) tweeted, “Eminem continues to be assured a major place in music history as he calls for change in gun laws in America in the video for #Darkness. Epic.

Shady Times (@ShadyTimes) wrote, “The production on the album is decent to say the least. Especially @Royceda59's, we knew all the talents he has but he surprised me with his 2 produced songs on #MusicToBeMurderedBy, especially #Darkness and of course Eminem did his thing as always”

Yanet Moon (@kornymoon) commented on those who were offended by the track, “Dear sensitive honeys: Eminem has been a fearless lyricist since you were babies. Trying to cancel him now because you are overly sensitive is NOT going to work. If he offended you, he WON. #MusicToBeMurderedBy.”

Eminem Hub (@shadyinfo) wrote, “I know Haters still gonna hate But Eminem just dropped one of the greatest album of all time “Music to be Murdered by” We are proud of you Eminem and Thank You so much #Eminem #MusicToBeMurderedBy”

Darkness’ music video is also a reenactment of the Las Vegas shooting (but not graphic) and ends with a call to “help change gun laws in America.” The rest of Music to Be Murdered By, which is Eminem’s 11th studio album, features lighter tracks. The album also has several guest artists, such as Young MA and Royce da 5’9. Ed Sheeran has collaborated on Those Kinda Nights. The album’s title and cover art is inspired by iconic filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock's 1958 album of the same name.

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By Ayesha Hoda
Ayesha Hoda is a senior communications professional and writer, currently based in Dubai, UAE.