Emily Atack Raises Mental Health Awareness, Reveals How She Attempted Suicide at the Age of 15

Emily Atack Raises Mental Health Awareness, Reveals How She Attempted Suicide at the Age of 15

Emily Atack, who rose to prominence with the sitcom The Inbetweeners, revealed her suicide attempt was ‘a cry for help’. Learn more below

English actress Emily Atack -- who plays the role of Charlotte Hinchcliffe on the E4 comedy series The Inbetweeners -- has just released her memoir titled, Are We There Yet?: To Indignity... And Beyond! The book covers ‘the highs, the lows, the hangovers, the relationships, the lucky breaks’ and other details of the celebrity’s life.  Emily, who rose to fame at the age of seventeen, has revealed how at the age of fifteen she had attempted suicide, by slashing her wrists, after breaking up with her boyfriend who had called her a ‘psycho’. 

Speaking to a news publication to raise awareness about mental health concerns, Emily said, "I’ll never forgive myself for harming my body in that way. I didn’t want to die. I just felt so out of control."

She further added, “I would do drastic things in order to make him get back with me.” She said it was ‘a cry for help, a cry for attention’ as she was ‘spiralling’ and was ‘too young’ to deal with a broken heart and hangovers. She had lost a lot of weight at the time and would get in trouble at school as she would bunk classes to avoid bullying. The 29-year old actress shared how after the suicide attempt she was rescued by medics and woke up with ‘massive bandages’. Her mother, actress and comedian Kate Robbins was ‘horrified’ at the incident and would beg her to open up but Emily found it difficult to share at the time. Sharing details of bullying incidents at school, the I'm A Celeb... star  said, "They’d spread awful rumours about me, stick pictures of me around all the villages with my mobile number on it." However, Emily eventually managed to follow a positive route to recovery and soon landed her breakthrough role in The Inbetweeners, followed by appearances on popular shows Dancing On Ice and Celebrity Juice.  

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