Elisabeth Moss' Latest Film Touches Up On a Different Kind of Horror

Elisabeth Moss' Latest Film Touches Up On a Different Kind of Horror

The Invisible Man stars Elisabeth Moss’ character, trapped in a controlling relationship but soon find herself in much more trouble than she expected

The Invisible Man is all set to hit screens soon, which stars Elisabeth Moss of The Handmaid’s Tale as Cecilia Kass. The story follows Cecelia trapped in a violent, controlling relationship with Adrian Griffin, played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen. She goes into hiding, with the help of her sister and their childhood friend and daughter but then Adrian commits suicide, leaving Cecilia with a ton load of money. This is when she starts to suspect that his death was probably a hoax.

Elisabeth Moss' Latest Film Touches Up On a Different Kind of Horror

The Invisible Man team

Speaking of her role in The Invisible Man, Elisabeth shared, “I just felt that it's a scarier movie if the invisible man is something unknowable, something mysterious. I wanted to make something where we were in the shoes of his victim. Because to me, that would be the scariest thing in the world, someone who's not visible stalking you, attacking you.” She added that the film touches up on emotionally abusive relationships. Elisabeth also explained why she wanted to be so involved in the film. She continued, “It's the idea of a woman not being heard and not being believed and how that is the most destructive thing you can do to anybody who is in that situation. That is something that thankfully is a part of the conversation now more, which is great but it definitely needs to continue to be a part of it."

She also explains that while the film is doing well in explaining a serious topic, the audience will be witnessing a lot more than it expects already. Elisabeth shared, “It's a way for us to look at something without having to be preached at and not feel like we're the bad guys. It's a way for us to identify with something. If that's how you have to get the message across, then: fantastic.” Elisabeth has experienced the power of such a narrative with The Handmaid's Tale.

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