EID 2019 Special: Food Ideas for an Eid Party

Eid 2019 is around the corner and here are some great ideas for decor if you are hosting an eid party
EID 2019 Special: Food Ideas for an Eid Party

Eid is a special time. It celebrates the end of the month of fasting and people wear new clothes and exchange gifts. Some people also hold various parties across homes where they invite their loved ones and eat to their heart's content. Here are some excellent food ideas that you can execute without spending a truckload of money! They're also super quick and super easy to make. Check out the ideas below

1. Vermicelli

Simple vermicelli is one of the staple eid foods in Muslim households. Different cultures across the globe use vermicelli in different ways. The ingredients are really simple and the way to cook them is also fairly easy. You can cook them kunafa style, with or without milk and cream (usually the ones dipped in milk is called sheer khurma and the one without milk is called sivayeen) and serve with garnished nuts.

2. Custards and trifles

This is a very common children's favourite. Use plain vanilla cake to act as base and use plain vanilla custard and line it up with fruits and chocolate to make rich custard trifles.

3. Biryani and Pulao

Rice dishes always work well on eid because one big pot of rice can serve so many people. Pulao can be of vegetables and even chickpeas!

4. Roasts

You can make life easy by keeping the meat in a marinade. If you are using tofu or cottage cheese, you can immediately fry or stir fry them but if you are making a roast out of chicken or beef, you can marinate them the night before. Sometimes even a simple marinade, that of oil, vinegar, lime juice, salt and pepper, can make for an excellent juicy roast the next day.

5. Patties, Rolls and Samosas

These are really easy to make at home now. All you have to do is buy the puff pastry from any store or supermarket and stuff them with your favorite stuffing. Use boiled potatoes (mash them and season them), shredded chicken (use leftover roast maybe) and even noodles.

Here's wishing a lovely eid to everyone who is celebrating and a long few days of eating and celebrating food with friends and family. If cooking all of this is too much for you, here's some excellent news. All of these items are now readily available in the supermarket and all you need to do is heat them in the oven or lightly fry them on a pan. You can even try making custard cups individually by simply assembling the ingredients. Eid Mubarak!