EID 2019 Special: Eid Gift Ideas to Your Friends and Family
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EID 2019 Special: Eid Gift Ideas to Your Friends and Family

Eid ul Fitr 2019 is almost here and here are some gift ideas that you can find useful for friends and family

Eid ul Fitr is a special time for friends and family. There's a long holiday coming up for UAE residents and everyone has either decided to visit their friends and family back home or they have trips planned with friends and family for the extended weekend. In any case, this is a time to relax with your loved ones and enjoy the time spent off of work!

To make the occasion special here are some excellent gift ideas that you can give to your loved ones.

1. Chocolates! Lots and lots of chocolates!

Who says no to chocolates? This is why it's the perfect eid gift. There are many options you can choose from whether it's the average brands that are available everywhere or gourmet chocolate shops, many of which are open in Dubai. You can even make homemade truffles from basic chocolate and really simple recipes. Check out some here

2. Perfumes, Itr/Oud

Perfumes are really great presents. And you can get any size of perfumes these days that don’t cost a bomb. Also try great itr and oud box sets that you can gift friends and family even work acquaintances!

3. Toys for kids

People often forget that kids love gifts on Eid. While we do have the tradition of giving ‘eidi’, actual toys can also be a great present on Eid. Just make sure they’re not violent toys and fit to the age group you’re giving the gifts to!

4. Indoor games

Toys for adults! That’s right. Games like Taboo, Jenga are really fun to play with friends and family.

5. Gift vouchers

A fairly practical and non-romantic gift but no one will say no to this. Whether it’s an iTunes gift card or a supermarket voucher, they really do come in handy.

6. Homemade food items

If you can’t make chocolate truffles, try any basic food you can cook at home and take it to your friends and family’s house. They’ll really appreciate the effort.

Some of the things you shouldn’t be giving to friends and families are stuff they can’t return or exchange. Sometimes some stores do not exchange jewellery or handbags or other items of daily use because most stores have a 14-day return policy. It’s also not a great idea to gift someone clothes (unless they’re unstitched) because it might not fit them. Itr, indoor games and toys are the way to go!

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