Ehd E Wafa, Episode 11:  The SSG Reunites Only To Separate Again
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Ehd E Wafa, Episode 11: The SSG Reunites Only To Separate Again

In Ehd E Wafa, Osman Khalid Butt, Ahad Raza Mir, Ahmed Ali Akbar and Wahaj Ali’s characters finally reunite – but their reunion is short-lived when Saad fights with Shahzain

Ehd E Wafa” has been proving its worth as a show more with each episode.  Tackling everything from social issues, problems related to low socioeconomic status, feelings of inferiority and shedding light on characters from many different backgrounds in Pakistan, the show stands for more than just comedy and/or drama.  Through light-hearted means, the show has set out to make subtle statements.  With the promo for Ehd E Wafa’s 11th episode, viewers became excited to see the reunion of the four friends, the “SSG.”  However, did this reunion go as expected? 

Shahzain’s Track

With Shahzain and Rani’s engagement set to take place, Rani (Zara Noor Abbas) happily calls Shahzain and flirts with him.  After speaking to her, he calls Saad (Ahad Raza Mir) and tells him that he would like to meet.  It’s clear that Saad is angry on the other line, but Shahzain is unaware and takes Saad’s acceptance to meet in a positive way.  He finds Shariq (Wahaj Ali) in Lahore as well and the four friends decide to meet in Islamabad.  Initially, the four – rather, three – are overjoyed to see each other and happily meet.  However, it soon becomes clear that Saad is in a sour mood.  When Shahzain shows the boys Rani’s picture, Saad makes a comment about sending a proposal to her house and erupts in anger, storming off.  The remaining three are upset.  The tensions in this scene are felt even by the viewer as it’s an awkward situation – but while Shahzain was initially wrong for his behavior, he has since repented for it and therefore, Saad’s reaction comes across as “over” and unnecessary.  It must be said though that all four boys perform naturally in this scene and their reactions during this “fight” are realistic. 

Later, Rani is seen upset when she’s told that Shahzain wants a small engagement, but accepts it when she realizes it’s Shahzain’s demand.  The scenes between Shahzain and Rani are hilariously cute and it’s nice to see their shared chemistry. 

Saad’s Track

It’s strange to see how kind, understanding and patient Saad is with his military peers.  If Saad could show even half of the compassion towards his SSG friends that he has with other cadets in school, the SSG problems would not exist.  This is not placing blame on Saad exactly, but it’s sad to see how much of a grudge he holds against the guys who genuinely care for him.  It’s also seen in Saad’s one scene with Duaa (Alizeh Shah) how much he likes her, but also has some insecurity about the status of their relationship.  Back at the academy, Saad realizes a peer is in trouble with his performance and questions him, only to discover his parents are getting divorced and he is unable to cope with the stress of it all.  It’s great to see scenes like this, because it goes on to show how every individual has their own struggles and battles that they fight. 

Shariq’s Track

While Shariq (Wahaj Ali) was initially a neglected character, the last three episodes have focused heavily on his story, which has been particularly strong and well-developed.  Shariq’s fight with his older sister comes across as a powerful, strong scene.  While Shariq is in disbelief over his sister’s secrecy, dishonesty and angry at her choice of partner, Shariq is cut down to size when his sister verbally thrashes him.  She tells him how hard she had to work to put him through school and how other girls her age already have four children.  It’s eye-opening later when Shariq meets her sister’s husband and realizes the reasons for his dishonesty.  The realities of life force people to make difficult decisions, sometimes ones that do not match their morals and values.  The writers have done a great job putting the vulnerability of the lower middle class forward. 

Final Thoughts

“Ehd E Wafa” is more than just a feel-good show.  It’s a show that consistently delivers solid content and has presented viewers with four “real” characters, boys that you can imagine knowing.  These characters are family members, friends, co-workers and more than anything, they are likable people that you want to root for.  The credit for this goes both to the writer and to the actors portraying the characters.  Osman Khalid Butt, Ahad Raza Mir, Wahaj Ali, Ahmed Ali Akbar and Zara Noor Abbas are all doing a great job in their respective roles.  Even Vaneeza Ahmed is a breath of fresh air when she comes on screen.  Now viewers are waiting for the focus to shift to Shehryar’s (Ahmed Ali Akbar) story.  While the “SSG” all have lovable qualities and are good guys, Shehryar is a particularly kind, compassionate, “good” character and he deserves a few episodes dedicated to his journey as well.

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By Sophia Qureshi
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